Monday, May 20, 2013

Spiritual Lessons from Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has been talking to us - serious talks - for several months about salvation, baptism, serving God and such like things.

She has talked to her granddad (also our pastor) about these same things.

On Mother's Day Sunday night, she told our church that God has saved her and that she wants to be obedient to Him in baptism.

This is all, of course, very exciting.

Now a confession for you: I'm a confident mom. I do not second guess our parenting decisions very often. I do not worry about my kids not having their own rooms, or the latest gadgets or really, about a lot of things that other moms seem to worry about.

But I do feel the burden of spiritually raising our children. I'm afraid they just know the "right" answers without truly understanding what they mean. I'm afraid of putting them off too long when they do know what God wants. I'm afraid of raising Christian-ized Hypocrites. But I'm also afraid of raising Couldn't Care Less Rebels.

The Spiritual aspect is the Real Deal, Important part of parenting and it scares me. Which is when I need to realize, yes, I am inadequate. But God is not.

So, anyway, after Sweet Pea's big announcement we were back home and getting ready for bed. She walked by our computer where the digital wallpaper changes and it happened to change to a scene of Egypt.

"Mom, do people in Egypt still worship idols like in the Bible?" Sweet Pea asked me. I explained how Egypt is a Muslim country now. She thought about this for a second - a very brief second.

"I might need to go there when I'm a grown-up," she declared. "I need to tell them about Jesus - they need to know!"

And my mind immediately thought, oh, I hope not. I thought of the dangers, of the political situation, or the reasons why that would be a difficult life for my daughter.

She thought of the people who need to hear about Jesus.

Clearly, spiritual lessons aren't just imparted from parent to child. Sometimes - often? - it works the other way too.

So, please pray for Sweet Pea. Pray that she will follow God's leading in her life. And pray that her mom doesn't get in the way.


Elisabeth said...

I totally understand what you are saying here. I have often worried about the same things. I don't want my kids to grow up "having" to "do" church because that's what we have told them has to be done. I don't want them to know in their minds and not really know in their hearts. And I am experiencing the same interest and questions from Hannah and several of the other kids I teach in Bible Club. They all say they believe when I am going thru the salvation plan but how do I know when they are ready? What is the next step. I have no advice about her going to Egypt, tho. I can't say I would be thrilled to hear my child say that either! But I know that you know all the things the Bible says that apply to this. You just have to know in your heart as well as your mind. =)

Lisa said...

I am thrilled to hear this news about Sweat Pea :)

Vicky said...

Praise the Lord! And I know YOU know that when/if the time comes and Sweet Pea DOES still feel the call to Egypt that God will give you and daddy the peace of mind you will need to "let her go." Doesn't mean it won't be excruciatingly hard, but He will supply the peace that passes ALL understanding!

And, while I am thinking of it, I must confess that I haven't read your blog (or anyone else's, for that matter) in a LOOOOOOONG time and I was surprised to hear you now have a precious son! So, CONGRATS to your dear family!

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