Monday, May 13, 2013

Random Monday

We have now, officially, spent an entire week in our new digs, The Rental House. Also known as: The Fun House or The Crooked House because there is no flat surface in this place. The ceiling slopes. The floors slope (different directions).

When we first moved in I asked Philip if this place is going to slide right off the hill on which it is perched. "It hasn't yet," was his less than reassuring answer. Okey-dokey.

My brother-in-law and Philip moved my beloved Expedit shelving unit from one wall to another so I didn't have to look it as it seemed to slide into a hole. (It wasn't sliding. It just looked like it.) As my brother-in-law said, "That wall wasn't made for a grid." I haven't found a wall in this house yet that could be said to be made for a grid. But at least I don't have to look at the Expedit straight on any more.

Other quirky things about this house: the ceiling in our bedroom is lower than in the other rooms. So Philip has repeatedly scraped his hand against the textured ceiling when he gets dressed. Ouch. Not fun for him, I'm sure. That's a perk of being short, I guess: never scrape your hand against a textured ceiling.

The driveway is treacherous. See: house, perched on hillside, for the reason why. My midwife told me not to drive for two weeks but I'm considering telling Philip that she suggested I never drive again if it means having to drive that driveway. OK, I wouldn't really lie about it, but still... I guess I'll be parking at the bottom of the driveway and hauling a baby in a carseat, a toddler, three girls and the multiple baskets of laundry or multiple poorly packed bags of groceries up the hill on my own. Which hardly seems better.

Did I mention no washing machine and dryer? That's pretty crazy with seven of us, let me tell you.

So, what's good about the house? Well, many things, actually. And the best is probably this:
That's the Ohio river. As seen from the balcony on the front of our house. It's amazing. And no, the train tracks don't bother us. We love the trains. (One thing I really love: Miss Lili stopping whatever 2 year old naughtiness she's gotten into and running to the front to look out at whatever train is passing by. "Train, Mama!" It hasn't gotten old yet.)

Our closing is supposed to be tomorrow. We actually have a time and location, which is more than we've had before. But since Philip rearranged his whole schedule (tutoring students and such) to accommodate it, I'm kind of thinking it will get rescheduled again. And did I mention that someone broke into our now vacant house last week? Twice?

Lovely times. But at least Philip got to watch three detectives fingerprint our house. There was talk of warrants and such. CSI: Karen and Philip's House. Watch for it.

OK, enough talk about houses. Now for Baby Boy in Frog pajamas (can we agree that it doesn't get much more "Random" than bright yellow pj's with frogs on them? And you can't even see the little frogs on his tiny feet):

And making grouchy faces that just make me want to kiss him and laugh:
We've had some good times thinking of captions for that one. Let's just say things are a lot funnier when you're ever so slightly sleep deprived.

And then there's the thumb sucking:
He's only managed to get that thumb into his mouth a couple of times. But it's adorable and he's determined to figure this whole "hands & fingers" thing out just so he can do this whenever he wants.

Life is good.

How's your Monday going?
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Elisabeth said...

Love the pictures! Wait until you see the circus trains go by! Amazes me every time.

Lisa said...

That is quite the grouchy face. Maybe the crooked house is making him dizzy ;)

Deb said...

I love the froggie jammies! I was in a department store the other day, and walked past the tiny baby clothes and got all teary-eyed right there in the store.

Here's hoping you find a permanent place soon, and the slanty house turns into a quirky memory.

MacKenzie said...

Ah, that grumpy face is the best.

tressays said...

He is a cutie pie! I love the frog jammies. So bright and happy!

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