Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend Links - April 13, 2013

Well, I may not have time to do proper blogging, but I still have time to come up with a lot of links for you. (Hmm, something about that seems not quite right...)

Some things going on right now: our closing on this house (which means we have to be completely packed and out) is in less than two weeks. Our rental house is almost but not quite ready and we still don't even know the actual address. Baby Boy is getting heavier, I'm getting more pregnancy related aches and fatigue, and he's due in less than 4 weeks. The only way I can explain our life right now: Crazy Times.

But in the midst of this, some friends watched the girls last night and Philip and I had our first proper "date night" in a long time (and probably the last for the foreseeable future). We had supper at Longhorn (I believe I've mentioned my deep and abiding love for steak), stopped at Wal-Mart for a few moving related things (packing tape, among other things), and finished up at Orange Leaf, which we hadn't tried before.

I liked Orange Leaf except the toppings weren't labeled and something kind of minty got into my otherwise perfectly concocted bowl. Also: you pay by the ounce, but that's not really clear as there are no prices displayed. As Philip pointed out, "If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it."

So, all in all, a great date night and much appreciated.

Now to the links!

Spiritual / Inner Life
Marriage / Parenting
Homeschooling / Education
I wish I didn't have to share these posts. But I feel like I would be remiss if I did not:
I can hardly read anything about the trial without feeling absolutely sick. My own little guy is almost always kicking and moving inside me, reminding me of how precious life is. He has a personality and we can tell a little about that because he responds to certain stimuli better than others (he's musical!). It shouldn't take a despicable trial like the Gosnell trial to make us feel sick about sin. But I'm afraid too many of us aren't even sickened by the Gosnell story any more. OK. Getting off soap box now.

And now, for something completely different from what I was just saying, how about a few Pins?
Love these magnets:

My two oldest have requested they get this bedroom in "the new house":

Love this hallway art from Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles (she's been sharing pictures of her entire house and I think I would love to move in there!):

Well, that's it for this week. What caught your eye this week?
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3dlessons4life said...

Great list. I watched an online documentary on the case today. Horrifying!

Deb said...

I can't go onto your sister's blog with some completely unsolicited piece of advice like a big jerk, but maybe if you think it's worth repeating, you can suggest that she teach her baby to sign. I taught both my kids Baby Signs starting when they were about 6 months old, and it made a WORLD of difference in that Tantrum-y Crying Because No One GETS Me thing they did. Just not having to do that whole "you want milk? you want cheerios? you want diaper?" routine 18 times a day was terrific.

Lisa said...

I feel honored to make your Saturday links!

Lisa said...

We are actually planning on teaching Roman sign language. I used it at the daycare I worked for a few years ago and like you said, it does make a world of difference.

Craig said...

Another test comment. I'm determined to figure this out :-)

MacKenzie said...

Yah! Except that wasn't Craig. It was me. It still won't let me comment when I'm in chrome, it lets me push publish then the page refreshed but no comment appears. But ie works. And your blog is the only one I've noticed this happening on. Hmm...

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

So sorry for the trouble, MacKenzie! My tech guy hasn't found anything wrong on this end. But I'm agitating for a complete blog overhaul anyway. In his spare time. ;)

Hope we get it figured out soon either way...

Kris said...

Love Lisa's honesty in her post. We are entering a new phase with our oldest, and while I love some of the things it will bring, I'm dreading so many other things! Love weekend links even though it's now Monday, I'm always a little behind. ;)

MacKenzie said...

It still might be my side but I'm just glad I figured out an alternative. But I'm not sure why you don't have time, its not like you have anything else going on :-)

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