Monday, April 8, 2013

Random Monday

1. This morning I was sad to hear about the death of Baroness Thatcher. Yes, my politics are showing: I admire the Iron Lady. Might as well share the National Review tribute as well. (In for a Conservative penny, in for a Conservative pound.)

2. Things are holding steady here re: house selling. Our realtor thinks that the appraisal / inspection went well although we haven't had official word. Seems like the closing is probably going to be pushed back (by the buyer), so our realtor is going to push it to the end of May (instead of the end of April as originally agreed). This would allow us time to get ready to move and {drumroll} give birth to the next member of the family. Also it works better with paying the next mortgage payment. But really: BABY.

3. As for those of you who ask how the house hunt is going: it's not. We have a rental lined up so we won't be homeless. And looking at the houses available for sale right now is an exercise in futility. There aren't many for sale and the ones we get remotely interested in are snapped up quickly. So we'll just have to wait. And then snap one up quickly ourselves when we can.

4. Today we sorted some Baby Boy things loaned to us buy friends. I pulled out this tiny little ball cap and I think the girls and I all made an identical "awww" type of sound. We showed it to Philip but he didn't make the sound. Must be a girl thing. So strange to see all that pile of blue in my laundry.

5. Speaking of clothes sorting, we also managed to get into our shed (since the rain held off) and get out the tubs of clothes holding what the girls need for the warmer weather. (And we also got out some things to pass on to my niece.)

This is how that happened: the girls have been on me for days to do this chore. "It's hot, Mom." "We're cooking in these clothes." "It's been hot for daaaaayyys! When will we get our summer clothes? When??????" (Pretty much direct quotes right there.)

So when today was warm enough and dry enough and since Philip would be home for most of the day, I asked him to help us get out the boxes.

Which he agreed to do.

And after a morning of other work, he was finally heading out the door to the backyard. But then he got a game related call. And he was on the phone for like, a lot of minutes.

So I went out to the shed to do the job myself. (OK, in my defense: not by myself. Our 11 year old was helping.)

This was apparently not what I was supposed to do.

I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant. Call it nesting. (That is not, ahem, what my husband called it.)

But he showed up to finish the job and now the washing machine is running non-stop and the girls will be able to bug me about something else. (Something else like this: "When are we going to the park? It's so warm!")

And I am sitting (and blogging, obviously) because 36 week pregnant women shouldn't be lifting totes that weigh a metric ton (slight exaggeration) out of a crowded little storage shed by their ownselves. (Or so I've heard.)

I agree. I'm tired just from sorting the clothes out of the totes and listening to Frank Sinatra. Good thing supper is in the crock-pot. I think my domestic urges have all been fulfilled for today. But you never know what I might come up with for tomorrow...(My husband shudders at the thought.)

How's your Monday treating you?
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MacKenzie said...

Lucy needs to learn how to appreciate the seasonal clothing switch. I brought up the notion today and oh the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Because she looooves those long sleeve shirts. Maybe it will sound more appealing when she gets past the mourning stage to the enjoy new clothes part.

Deb said...

I was also sad to hear of Prime Minister Thatcher's passing. So sad. It's like the end of an era.

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

I have a daughter like this. Last night I made an off hand comment that a toy the girls left outside will probably be thrown away instead of moved with us.

Instant weeping.

Me: "But you left it outside. How much can you really love it? Besides, you could buy a new one."

Child: "But it won't be that one!"


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