Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Who drives when your family is together, you or your spouse?
Philip, almost always. I don't love driving, other drivers, or cars in general. I'll drive if he's really tired or something, but otherwise it's always him.

2. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Introvert. (This post discusses this in more detail, complete with Myers-Briggs typology)

3. Are you married to an introvert or extrovert?
He's an introvert. But on the scale of Introvert to Extrovert, he's more extrovert than I am. (Clear?)

4. What's your favorite type of social media?
Facebook. Or Pinterest. Those are the two that I waste spend the most time on. I've tried Google plus and it's just not clicking with me. And I love Twitter, but I use it more as a "scan to see what's going on" type thing.

5. What's your favorite way to "recharge"?
Quiet evenings at home with Philip, hot chocolate (or a bowl of ice cream, depending on the season), & a good book for usual recharging. (I, as an introvert, require a lot of recharging.)

Night away at a hotel, eating out, and swimming in a nice indoor pool for every once in awhile recharging. (With or without kids. Although the "without kids" type is a rare occasion indeed.)

Another way I recharge is to go thrifting all by myself. I love thrift stores and treasure hunting. My older girls are pretty fun to take thrifting but the younger ones move it from a recharging / relaxing experience into a "hurry and get this done before someone - maybe even me - melts down".

So, how about you? How do you recharge?
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Deb said...

I stay up late and watch trashy tv. But I DO love to go thrifting, too. Right now I am attempting to chuck the kids outside so I can have some quiet.

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