Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Would you go to your high school reunion?
I would, but it would be a party of 1.

I am a homeschool graduate {she said proudly, smugly}. Which means I was a graduating class of one (and yes, that also means I was top of my class). 

I also went with Philip to his high school reunion. We had a good time with our good friends we see on a regular (read: yearly) basis but he seemed mostly reminded of why he had lost touch with the rest.

All in all, I don't think I'm missing much. (Or we could count my family get togethers as my reunions. In which case: sign me up! I love it when we're all together.)

2. What's something that you've recently splurged on; either for yourself or someone else?
Does a $10 pass to a homeschool buying extravaganza and a $5 Decaf Raspberry Mocha Frappaccino count? That's what I splurged on today. Other than that I can't think of much.

3. How do you handle your child's fever?
We try to let it run its course unless the child is completely miserable. Then we call in the Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Otherwise: lots of liquid, rest, and cuddles with Dad & Mom.

4. What's the nicest thing to happen to you lately?
Um...My husband watched the kids all afternoon so I could go buy homeschool curriculum (and a Frap). We had Root Beer floats last night. My dad took us for ice cream on Wednesday. I took the two youngest to the park Tuesday for a good playground romp and short walk (all I could handle and even then "walk" is a generous term for what we did. "Waddle" might be better.). Oh, and my dad brought me chocolate. (How bad is it that most of my "nice things" are to do with food?!)

We think our house appraisal and inspection are over. If so, that's a really nice thing. If not, then scratch that.

If it sounds like I'm trying to be grateful for little things, then you are correct.

I've been in a lousy mood lately and not very good company for the folks around me. I hoping this improves once a) we're done selling this house, b) Baby Boy arrives on time, healthy & safe, and c) we have a nice new-to-us house to move into. Meanwhile, I need to focus on counting the little blessings.

5. What is your current favorite song?
Narrow it down to just one? Not gonna happen. But here are some favorites right now (links are to Amazon mp3 tracks):
I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)- The City Harmonic
Ho Hey- The Lumineers
I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons (could seriously listen to this CD - minus one track - on constant repeat)

So, what's your favorite song right now? And could someone explain to me what, exactly, is the attraction of getting together 10-20-30 years later with people you didn't like to begin with?
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Elisabeth said...

Must I always be the only one to comment on these?!
1. Neither Brad nor I went to our 10 yr high school reunion. I didn't care to get together with people that I have only seen on FB in the past 10 yrs. And seems we weren't the only ones bc out of my class of 72, only like 11 went.
2. A recent splurge I can think of (besides vacation) was $30 basketball shoes for RYan. Never again. I recently saw an almost identical pair (minus the name brand) at walmart for half the price. I might also add, they tore up faster than his cheap shoes that he wears every day. These were basketball only until the season was over.
3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to let my kids handle the fever at least for awhile. There is a reason for it, after all.
4. Lots of nice things have happened to me lately. It would be hard to chose just one. I guess spending 6 days with my family while camping would have to be high on the list. Also, catching more and the biggest fish helps. =)
5. I think my favorite song right now is Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave (I think, anyway. I'm terrible with song titles and artist.)

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