Monday, March 11, 2013

Random Monday

* Philip and I did our taxes this morning. OK, actually a guy at H&R Block did our taxes and we went in to finish them up with the rest of the info and to sign our names and the date 37 times (or something like that).

Our taxes are complicated because Philip is a licensed minister and we have multiple income streams (small business things that we do ourselves).

I'd love to go on a rant here about how taxes shouldn't be this complicated, but instead I shall use my allotted rant time to say:

There is no reason in the world why the nice little tax guy in his little cubicle should be warning us we need to have health insurance or we'll have to pay a fee. NO REASON. No reason, except it's the law of the land now. Thank you, stupid voters, stupid congress and stupid Supreme Court for increasing the government's reach into my life. (Yes, "stupid" is about as strong of language I will allow myself to use.)

*We left the girls home while we did the tax thing. The baby, OK, 2 yr old, was in bed. Sweet Pea was doing educational type things on the computer. I told the oldest two to do math and history.

When we came back they'd dressed the baby, read books to the baby, sorted the laundry, read the history chapter, set up Barbie World in my living room, and one girl had finished Math. One girl had, so far, written her name on the paper.

But the baby was dressed and the laundry was sorted, so who can complain?

*Speaking of taxes: this might be a helpful post if your blog made money last year. (Mine did not. Which is just as well because I think our tax guy's head might have exploded if we had added One More Thing.) Tax Questions: Blogging Income and Deductions by Sarah Tucker.

* Made Me Laugh: A REAL house tour. Oh, decorating blogs, if only you were this honest.

*And, because it is warming up in some parts of the country (including our part yesterday, although today is cool and rainy again), I shall post this, in honor of the fact that I will soon not be dressing to cover every square inch of exposed skin:

No, I do not "need some sun". Yes, I know I'm probably the palest person you've ever met. I'm good with that.

* Pregnancy update: Braxton Hicks. A lot. Active baby boy. Very. Comments, annoying, about "ready to pop" or "So when you going to get that baby out": multiple at church yesterday. Thanks, everyone, I know I'm huge. But there are 8 weeks to go and it's already old. So: stop. (On the other hand, two different people told me my top was cute and that I look great. Let's aim for those kinds of comments, mmmkay?)

*I've started replacing my jewelry collection. Some people have generously given me some things (which I need to blog about properly, later). I re-ordered my Isaiah necklace which came in the mail Friday. (I love it so much. I feel 50% better just having it in my possession.) I won an eBay auction for one of my favorite necklaces Saturday afternoon. Obviously, I can't afford to replace everything that was lost and many of my favorite things are irreplaceable (things people had made for me, things I'd had since I was young). But it's a start, right?

So, questions for you: what's your favorite piece of jewelry, your favorite place to shop for jewelry, and what things do you think should make my list of "must own jewelry"? Feel free to provide links. My birthday is only 2 months away and I want to be prepared.

What's going on with you this Monday?
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Deb said...

I am very pale, too. I actually had a coworker in SEATTLE, land of NO SUN, tell me I was too pale. The coworker in question was about 5'1" and did I tell him he was too short? No, I did not. BECAUSE YOU DON'T COMMENT ON APPEARANCES.

I'm not bitter about it. That's the main thing.

I am not a big jewelry person, but I do like etsy for unique handmade stuff.

Elisabeth said...

I need some sun!!
I was surprised to read that you left the kids home alone. I left Abby asleep and went to get the kids from school one day and just imagined all the bad stuff that was going to happen to her in the 7 minutes I was gone. What kind of rules do you give them regarding people coming to the door or other events we don't to think will ever happen?

Gram said...

Don't "pop" yet! No. More. Drama. Agreed?

As your mother, and the person from whom you inherited such a fair complexion, I really must beg you to stay out of the sun. And I promise to try to do likewise.

Wish we could replace your lost homeschool class ring, but that's probably not gonna happen right now since I totally forgot to buy one for this year's grad.(Oops! Don't tell him. He'll opt out of the whole ring thing and then claim I owe him cash.Lol!)

MacKenzie said...

Loved the house tour!

Can't wait to see pictures of that baby boy. I'm already finding out how the active in the womb translates to active in the living room. Maybe he'll be giving Tigger a run for her money :-)

I'm not a real big jewelry girl (In fact, my wedding ring fits again but I keep forgetting to wear it - oops!)but like you, the things I do have are important - I'm so glad you've been able to replace a few items.I do love my James Avery items though, a cross, an icthus on a leather cord and basic hoop earrings. Once Jojo stops grabbing so much, they will be pretty much constant parts of my wardrobe.

Jodi G. said...

Check out ... I've been given a few necklaces and they are really really nice!! So durable (perfect for a Mom of littles) and so pretty!!! Alycia loved mine and I wore them alot when she was little!!

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