Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Monday

I didn't do a Random Monday post last week because life itself felt a little too random.

There hasn't been any further news on my jewelry. I'm thinking it's not really Priority #1 for our over-worked and poorly managed (yes, I think it's very poorly managed and has been for years) local police force.

So, anyway, my jewelry is gone forever. I'm starting to accept that. I don't like it, but it's reality.

Meanwhile, I've re-ordered my Isaiah necklace from the same Etsy shop where I bought it last year.

And my Grandma has re-started my jewelry collection with, among other things: a new to me cameo and couple nice pairs of earrings. Unless you happen to be a 13-16 year old punk reading this. In which case: I have nothing. Nothing. Certainly not worth your time.

In not un-related news: we've ordered a security system. Philip didn't go for the "dig a moat, fill it with alligators" idea, but he did agree that a security system recommended by a church friend was a good idea. I hereby predict that Philip sets it off the most since it comes with a device that attaches to your keychain where you can deactivate it without entering your house & using the code. Philip is constantly setting off his car alarm so I can't imagine this will be very different.

Does anyone actually respond to car alarms any more? I'm pretty sure I don't. (And, anyway, at our house the kids are likely to announce, "Daddy's home!" when they hear a car alarm.)

In homeschooling news, we're focusing on the weather for Science this week. The girls are having fun reading about the weather. Dealing with REAL weather, not so much. The sun shines, and then it hides. One day gets up to 50, the next is snow and ice with a vengeance. And, as my dad and husband were talking about yesterday, is there ANY other profession with less accountability for their predictions than those "weather forecasters"? Seriously. They can be 100% wrong and not lose an ounce of credibility.

I should have pursued that job. My kids are all over me if I'm even 5% wrong on a prediction about what will happen.

Our history chapter this week is about The Plague. Black Death. My children seem disturbingly unaffected by these grim subjects. "Ooh, Mom, listen to this!" My 11 year old will say, carrying a book into my room and reading me some gruesome factoid without looking up.

All in the interest of gaining knowledge, I suppose.

So, what's up in your world this Monday?
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Deb said...

We are having annoying weather too. It's becoming very trying, as I would like to be able to chuck the kids outside. Yesterday it was 65 degrees. Right now it's snowing.

I am so sorry about your stuff, and about the poorly run police force. One time when Jim and I were first married and living in an apartment just up a hill from a footpath where all sorts of nastiness happened, we heard shots fired down by the river. Jim was in the Navy and I grew up around guns, so we knew 6 pops was not a car backfiring. We called the cops, and whoever they sent drove slowly down the road, did a U-turn, and left. Didn't even get our of his car.

Julie Anne Turner said...

Sunny day here in Texas, but I didn't sleep well last night because of the dumb, dumb, dumb upstairs neighbors. I know I whine about them a lot on Facebook, but when people mess with my sleep, it's not fun times for anyone involved.

I still feel sad for you about your jewelry. I am glad you are coming to terms with it. Sometimes kids are jerks. Like the ones that live upstairs. And there I am whining again. All done.

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