Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gratituesday - Generous Friend

I've told you about my jewelry being stolen. The evidence suggests that two boys, young teenagers (13 - 16 is the estimate of our neighbors and the police officer), came in our house and took every bit of my jewelry.

I've told you that most of it was only valuable to me.

I've told you that our insurance deductible is quite high and will not be helping us to replace my things.

I've told you that most of it was irreplaceable anyway.

I'll admit: I'm sad that I'll never have those things back. I'm thankful for the memories, so I can write down what I owned, who had given it to me, and the stories of those items.

I'll also admit: I long for those boys to receive justice. It just doesn't seem fair that they can do something so mean and senseless and get away with it (humanly speaking). I pray for them, not just that they would be caught (although I do sometimes wish that), but that someone will share the gospel with them and their lives will be changed. Because, let's face it, anyone who's on the path of breaking and entering at 13 years old is not on a good path. There is nothing in that future but pain and more hurt. That makes me sad too.

My friends have been so encouraging during this time. My grandma has given me some pieces to replace some things I lost. I've ordered a few things. I'm watching some things on eBay.

One of my friends went above and beyond. She's one of those Titus 2 ladies you hear about. She's older than I am (by a lot, actually. She could be my grandmother). She's an encourager - she gives genuine, heartfelt compliments and she is a joy to be around.

The other day, though she was sick at home, she sent a little shopping bag to church with her husband. It was for me.

She had filled this bag with some pieces of jewelry that she didn't want any more (so her note said). She knew it wouldn't all be to my taste but she wanted me to have some things. There were necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Honestly: it wasn't all to my taste. But some of it was.

Sunday I wore one of the necklaces she had sent me. On our way out of church, as she was getting in her car I pointed it out to her. She smiled. "Oh, that was my mother's," she said as she got in.

Oh, my.

What a generous gift. I had already thought that and now it was blessing me even more.

Here's what made this such a generous act (before I even knew that she had given me something that had belonged to her mother!): this friend was robbed just a few weeks before I was. Someone broke in her home and stole her camera, any jewelry they thought was valuable, and some other things. They didn't take all her jewelry, but they took the valuable stuff and things she loved very much.

And she still put together a gift bag of "unwanted" jewelry for me.

That is a good friend, folks. I don't ever want to take for granted how God has used certain people in these difficult times in my life (losing a baby, being robbed) to show His compassion to me in specific ways. My new jewelry collection is already taking on new meaning and memories for me, that's for sure. And there sure is something both humbling and exciting about getting an object lesson every time I open my little box of jewelry.
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Elisabeth said...

Great post! So thankful for the titus 2 ladies in life!

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