Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Links - February 16, 2013

Before I get on with the usual (lengthy) links post, I have to ask you to please pray for our church family and dear friends as one of our own died suddenly Friday. This one feels like a sucker punch to the gut as it was so unexpected. This man was a friend to everyone he ever met, never walked by you without saying something encouraging. There are not enough people like him and I cannot imagine who can possibly fill his place and role in our church. Thanks in advance for your prayers for the family (and multitude of friends) he leaves behind.

Now, on to the links for this week:
Spiritual / Inner Life:
Parenting / Marriage:
Homekeeping / Food Related:
  • Photo Collages: Choosing Photos by Kelle Hampton.
  • Really needed this one: Dream House from The Handmade Home.
  • And yet I don't think this is contradicting advice, but rather complimentary: Visualize Your Dream Home (a post about organizing) by Colleen Madsen.
  • OK, I'm ridiculous and I know it, but I enjoy posts and getting ideas like this: Organized Bathroom Cabinet from Hi Sugarplum.
  • Simple Steps You Can Take to Reduce Food Waste by Deb Lee. Food waste is one of the things that annoys me on a regular basis. How do we end up wasting so much when we have so many hungry people living in this house?!
  • Kathryn of Designing Around shows how she deals with The Lego Scourge. Oh, yes. Every parent knows this battle. I like her solution a lot better than the usual Lego advice.
  • Cut Your Coffee Costs by Roasting Beans at Home. Philip uses the popcorn popper method. I can't say I've noticed it cutting our coffee costs (especially since I still have to buy Decaf and sometimes regular, depending on what he asks for) but it does make him happier with his morning coffee. That's worth a lot to me.
  • How to Stop Using a Microwave. We haven't had a microwave for years and here's the crazy thing: we haven't missed it. (Note: we did not stop using our microwave because we thought it was bad for our health. Ours caught on fire and we just never replaced it.  I take all those microwave related health warnings with a LARGE dose of salt.)
  • Love this approach for all those "don't really need it any more but I have a sentimental attachment to it" items (yes, I'm a recovering Pack Rat): Our Memory Boxes from Simple Organized Living.
Homeschooling / Education:
 Clothes / Personal (The Semi-Shallow category, I suppose):
Interesting / Non-categorized:
Well, that ought to keep you busy until next Saturday. (I kid, I kid. But seriously though, am I going to have to make this blog all links, all the time? Because these posts aren't getting any shorter.)

Pins of the week:
Really like this outfit (gives me something to aim for post-baby, right?):

This looks so good:

What a cozy, colorful little spot:

OK, folks, you can breath a sigh of relief. That's it for this week.

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Kathryn Humphreys said...

Thanks so much for sharing my lego post. Off to read, I need tips on homeschooling my strong willed child too :)

Gram said...

The Bear and I cannot change our airline tickets and return home with Dad in time for the funeral. We have added sadness to our grief.

Karin said...

Deepest sympathies in the loss of a precious friend and encourager! Hopefully someone will take up the torch! -- So much to read - I'll have to come back and back again!! Thanks!

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