Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday - Valentine's Edition

Valentine related things I want to share or remember:

1. I wrote a post back in 2011 about my Top 10 Literary Love Stories. I thought about updating it but I re-read it this morning and pretty much agreed with myself. I'm not sure I would add anything to the list. Is this because no love stories have swept me off my feet in the last two years? I'm not sure. It seems unlikely. But anyway, it takes a lot to make a story Top 10 Worthy.

Now for some Valentine related pins I've saved:

2. Massive round-up of Valentine related printables:

3. We've played this oh, so easy game at our church's children's program for Valentine's, but it would be fun at home too. (Tip: if it's too easy, have your kids make a stack using chopsticks to pick up the hearts instead of their hands):

4. You might need to make some red hot chocolate:

5. Or some Raspberry Punch:

6. Or a different pink punch:

7. A classic dessert for your kids on Valentine's:

8. Someone might want to decorate their chocolate boxes (once they finish the chocolates):

9.Another round-up of ways to show your children you love them:

10. And, just for fun, a love story that didn't make my list:

And - shh! - don't tell Philip, but I'm giving him this Valentine. We don't usually exchange gifts but I'm making an exception this year:

OK, not the most romantic thing you've ever seen, right? Well, he'll love it anyway.

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