Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I do not have my act together these days. I'm guessing you already figured that out.

Anyway, here's my randomness. On Tuesday instead of Monday. ('Cause Deb's link up is forgiving like that.)

* I promise not to turn this blog into "all prayer requests, all the time", but please pray for the niece of a friend. This baby was born today because of complications in her Mama's pregnancy. Her gestational age is 24 weeks so she has a lot of challenges ahead but we praise God for His gift of life and pray that she will live a long, healthy life despite her early entry into this world.

* We took the girls to Children's Theatre today. We met up with several sets of friends. Philip invited some of these friends to eat with us after the play (some other friends were already meeting us there). They agreed. Turns out, they didn't know where the agreed upon restaurant was. So, yeah, such awesome friends we are. "Come do this thing with us" in one breath and "Run, kids, don't let them follow you!" in another. OK, we didn't actually do that but I feel badly about it. Note to ourselves: always make sure everyone knows the meeting place.

* For Science this week, we're studying Earthquakes. We're using some of these resources, too. And can I just say that I love it when I don't have to search all over THE WHOLE INTERNET for activities and such for a homeschool unit?

* This was going to be in my Saturday links post but I think I'd rather share it now: For When We Ache by Aubrie Drayer.

* Philip and I really laughed over this anecdote in the most recent Reader's Digest:
After downing half a glass of milk, my ten-year-old son declared, "I am an optimist: The glass is half empty!"
"Looking at the glass as half empty is a sign of pessimism," I said.
He corrected me: "Not if you don't like what's in it."
That, my friends, is what you call perspective.

This post is linked to Random Monday at Not Inadequate, even though it's Tuesday. Don't let that throw off your whole week.

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Deb said...

Hah! Yes, it's totally okay to post on Tuesday. I love that you participate, period.

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