Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Monday

First my husband shared this link with me: BBC News - Richard III dig: DNA Confirms Bones are King's.

Then I read this book:
Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey. Wherein a bedridden Inspector Grant takes on the historical mystery of whether Richard III was villain or victim of a terrible propaganda campaign after his battlefield death.

Then I found out that there is an entire society dedicated to Richard III.

I've sent in my dues.

OK, no, I'm kidding about that part. But I'm convinced. Common history and Shakespeare himself have misled us. (Shocker!)

I highly recommend the mystery, by the way. It's well written and funny. And considering how often the "news" misleads us on things THAT JUST HAPPENED, still relevant.

Did you know there's a contest about the Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers Contest? I haven't decided which of my favorite book blogs I should nominate. (Leaning toward Semicolon or Ordo Amoris, based on the number of books I've added to my stack because of their suggestions.)

Please do not consider this a passive-aggressive way of asking you to nominate me. My blog is far too small for such things. I'll let you know more about it later though, so we can all vote for the right person. (Reading all this historical fiction may have activated my latent, likely unnecessary Kingmaking tendencies.)

Things are progressing fine on the Baby Boy front. My glucose test is Wednesday morning (oh, joy). I've had so few negative side effects (aside from the worrisome signs in the first trimester that have all gone away now) that I feel bad for complaining about anything...but I'm going to anyway:

This baby is causing me the worst heartburn I've ever had in my entire life. Foods that normally don't bother me (and I can usually eat anything) are bothering me. How bad it is: I had heartburn this morning after drinking a cup of tea and eating cold cereal. How ridiculous is that?!

I don't think Philip believed me when I told him the other day that I was miserable. Until he found me in the kitchen practically bolting down the entire jar of Tums. (Side note: I'm exaggerating. I took 2. Which is two more than I usually have to take after eating. But I could have easily taken a few more.)

Guess I'll have a chance to find out if heartburn and babies arriving with full heads of hair is true or not. (My guess: Not. My babies don't come out that way.) There you go. Sorry for the complaining. I love this baby and he's worth a little (A WHOLE HUGE LOT) of heartburn. And I will remind him of it for the rest of his life (along with whatever birth story tidbits I deem necessary. "I pushed for three hours!" Although I'm really hoping that won't happen.)

So, what's going on in your world this lovely Monday?
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Deb said...

I had horrible heartburn for YEARS. I recently discovered Pepcid Complete and they work great.

Keep cooking that baby!

Elisabeth said...

I had heartburn the worst with Ryan (although not as bad as you have it--now I feel bad for complaining!) and he had the least hair of my 3.

Amy said...

I had so-so heartburn with my first boys, NONE with my girl, and tons with current baby boy. And they were all born with lots of hair. So maybe it's boy/girl? Have fun drinking the orange stuff tomorrow!

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