Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Monday

It's Monday again! Somehow this morning I woke up with adequate energy. Notice I do not say, "abundant" or "extra". I just say "adequate". Which is still an improvement of how I usually wake up on Monday morning.

In consequence, we had a very productive morning of school. And I started supper in the crock pot and things were generally swell.

Which means I had time to go to the thrift store in the afternoon, after Quiet Time. (Because the youngest two - minus the unborn child - were asleep and Philip was still home with the older two.)

This was nice, as it turned out to be 50% off all clothing, 50% off board games, and several other specials I can't remember right now.

In the event, I only ended up buying two board games and two wool sweaters and a beret. (A beret? Because why not?)

However, when I came out of the thrift store it was snowing a bit. (A bit more than it had been when I went in.) I decided that, since we were quite low on milk, I'd stop at the store for some milk, eggs, & broccoli for supper tonight. (The broccoli is for supper. The eggs and milk are Just Because.)

By the time I came out of the grocery store it was a blizzard.

I am not kidding. It looks like Narnia under the White Witch's reign out there.

Not good.

So I carefully drove home. And it took forever. And Philip was already gone when I got back but fortunately the baby was still down (the 2 yr old, not the As Yet Unborn Baby. He was helpfully kicking me as I drove oh so slowly. My Unborn Son comes from a long line of backseat drivers. Although in this case, he was in the front seat so...) which means nothing too terrible had happened at home.

I expected the girls to be relieved at my arrival (I was!) but they managed to control their emotions. (Beyond the cursory, "Did you get me anything at the thrift store? Why did you buy milk, eggs, and broccoli?")

That abundance of energy is now gone, I can tell you.

Oh, and my team won the Super Bowl. (See this post and scroll down to point #2, Team #4).

So, go us, I guess. You may notice that I couldn't exactly lose considering Team #5 on that list was The Other Team. Oh, the other team, how I...suppose I would have been happy if you had won, too.

Most memorable moment of the Super Bowl for me: the power goes out. Seriously? This is the biggest sporting event of the year (so the Fans tell us) and THE POWER GOES OUT?!

Ridiculous. (Almost as ridiculous as actually caring about football. cough)

So, what's up in your world this Monday?
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Elisabeth said...

So do I gather from this that you leave the girls home alone on occasion?

Deb said...

I love the thrift store! I went a couple days ago and got both kids outfitted for the next few months(and beyond) for $67! So exciting!

I went again today with my whole family, and let me just say - not the funnest people to thrift with. They have no concept of the hunt.

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