Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. What holiday do you wish did not exist?
Any of the made up "not a real holiday" types.

2. What is your favorite romance/love movie?

North and South (miniseries), Pride and Prejudice (miniseries), Persuasion, and A Room with a View.

Period dramas for the win!

3. Do you make a big production out of celebrating Valentine's Day?
No, not really. We certainly don't decorate or spend a lot of money on it. (Although it is the anniversary of our first date and the anniversary of the day we got engaged - 1997 and 1998, respectively.)

We're just not very good at making a big deal out of things, I guess.

However, my girls have asked me to make these cookies for them again this year and I plan to oblige.

4. What is something weird you did as a child? (or even now!)
Oh, my. Let's just say I had a very active imagination and carried on long sagas in my head (and sometimes out loud). I think this has carried over into adulthood but it's better channeled these days. (That urge to write stories doesn't just go away...)

5. What makes you love your husband, really LOVE him, you know since Valentines is coming up?
There is no blog post long enough but I'll attempt to explain it once again:
He "gets" me and loves me anyway.
He loves God and wants to serve Him, know more about Him, and continually grow in Him.
He makes me laugh (and I make him laugh, so that's nice).
He's the best father I know.
He's creative and smart (which is more than simply agreeing with me, although he does 99% of the time, ahem).
He's incredibly good looking. (It's not shallow, it's true.)
He's the person I most want to talk to about anything, the person I most want to spend time with anywhere, and the person whose attention I crave the most.

So it's really nice that we get to be married, is what I'm saying.

So, what about you? Do you make a big deal for Valentine's Day?
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Candice said...

Sounds like your hubby is just prefect for you. :)

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