Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Monday

*Today is Pride and Prejudice's 200th birthday. We shall be watching part 1 of the fabulous BBC adaptation this evening. (Part 2 to be shown tomorrow) My girls are quite excited about this. (Only my oldest has actually read the book, but we're making an exception to our "You must read the book before you watch the movie" rule on this occasion.)

How will you observe the day?

With a movie night you have three main choices:


(Choose this one!)

Or you could re-read it:

And maybe you need to introduce your baby to it:

Or you could watch one of the many adaptations, read one of the many sequels, or, you know, all of the above. (all above images are Amazon Affiliate links)

* Sweet Pea went to the dentist today. Sweet Pea has no cavities, although her teeth are slightly crowded. (Tell us something we didn't know.) Sweet Pea informed me that the best part was "Mr. Squiggles". I had no idea what she was talking about until she said (with a "Just exactly how dumb is Mom?!" look), "You know, he squirts water in your mouth."


Second favorite part: getting a new toothbrush and her very own toothpaste tube. Doesn't take much to make Sweet Pea happy, I guess.

*Tigger woke up extra energetic this morning - and trust me, there's a reason why I first nicknamed her Tigger for this blog. One positive consequence of this energy: she finished last week's cursive assignment (that she just couldn't do because, oh my, it was so hard and am I trying to torture her to death with cursive?) AND this week's page in about fifteen minutes flat, without me asking her or telling her she had to. And it looks good, too.

If only she could always channel that energy in such constructive ways.

So, what's up on your Monday?
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