Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Monday

* This Monday went a lot better compared to last Monday. One way it was better: no crying over {figuratively} millions of math problems that had to be corrected.

*Our oldest girls got Bible covers from their great-grandparents for Christmas (among other things). So we told them it's time to start taking notes during the sermon since they have this handy-dandy space to carry their Bibles, a notebook and a pen. (Because I do not loan out my precious pen. I know how that goes: child borrows pen to draw comics take notes and I never get it back again.)

Anyway, last Sunday was their first attempt. Last night the two oldest were sitting next to each other, slightly out of my arm reach. Things are rolling right along until I see a sharp elbow from Oldest Daughter fly into Second Oldest daughter's side.

What grievous offense had Second Daughter committed? (And trust me, she's capable of grievous offenses.)

She tried to copy some of older sister's notes.

The horror.

Now, you understand, it wasn't because she wasn't listening. It wasn't because she was trying to be annoying. It was because she didn't know "How to spell all the big words". Well.

We moved second daughter between the two adults to better help her with her note taking (copying Polly's notes is probably not the best spelling strategy anyway) and also to protect her from prickly big sister and any more elbow jabs.

We'll have the "you need to extend more grace to your younger sisters" conversation, again, another time.

*I have ham in the oven and homemade yeast rolls rising in the kitchen. I'll take my Homemaker of the Year award now, thanks.

But I'm not wearing a dress, heels and pearls, so that might ruin my chances. I'm more like this:

Not only do I have on my stretchiest {comfiest} non-maternity black pants, I'm also wearing a Black & grey flannel shirt handed down to me by my baby brother. Yes, I accept hand-me-downs from my teenage brother, especially when they're in the form of pre-washed, already comfortable and broken in flannel shirts.

The homemaking, homeschooling, homebody life is a comfortable one, friends. I see no reason to apologize for that.

* I have no idea what movies were released last year and I know pretty much nothing about the Oscar nominees but this made me laugh anyway: More Accurate Titles for 2013's Oscar Nominated Movies.

How's your Monday going?
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Deb said...

I have been rocking long johns that I stole from my husband and giant sweatshirts from when I was pregnant with my first baby. Eight years ago. No apologies, it's January!

April said...

The homebody life is a comfortable one! In fact, if we're not going out that day, I see no reason to waste clean laundry by requiring everyone to "get dressed." Go play outside in your p.j.'s. The neighbors already think we're that weird homeschool family.

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