Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Monday

* Back to Reality Day. This went better for some in our family. One child had a complete Math Meltdown, complete with raised voice, flushed face, tears, and stomping off to her bed.

It was a thing of beauty, really.

And yes, we did get some of the Math tangles out. I have revised my expectations as to what will get done this week (as concerns Math) accordingly.

*It was also back to the grocery day. I managed to avoid going last week (although I ended up sending Philip with a small list and $20 so he wouldn't blow my budget this week). I made it to Aldis and Kroger. If you're wondering, "Why Aldis?"

$1.99 gallons of hormone free milk, that's why. I bought three gallons. I wanted to buy 10 (the limit per customer). Dairy cliff? Not here, not yet. (Praise God! And yes, I really do praise God for this and not the yahoos in D.C.)

*Another thing I picked up at Kroger's: a flu shot. My midwife told me to get one a few months ago. I just kept putting it off. But then I read a news story about how flu season hasn't peaked yet and I decided not to play around with my already compromised lungs. Breathing = good thing. Kroger has flu shots for $25. They actually asked me if I wanted to submit it to my insurance. First of all, my insurance is high deductible and wouldn't "cover" the cost. Second of all, if I can pay $25 NOT to have to deal with my insurance company, I'll consider that money (and time) well spent.

*Supper tonight: Sausage - Mushroom Risotto. And guess what? The minions children liked it. And Philip liked it. That makes it a keeper. Usually we settle for 4 out of 6. Miss Lili ate, per her request, at her little table with her 3 favorite baby dolls around her. It was extremely cute, but the rest of us were so busy enjoying our own suppers that no one took a picture. My first reaction was, as I've already shared, just how cute she was being. My second thought: maybe she really does like her baby dolls more than she likes us?

*Now it's time for an impromptu Family Movie Night. On our screen tonight: The Princess Bride.

*Before I forget: Downton Abbey started in the US last night. Did you watch? I'll try not to spoil it all for you but let me give you this warning: enjoy what you can while you can.

How was your Monday?
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Deb said...

All these flu stories are freaking me out. I keep hearing all kinds of stuff about how many people have been hospitalized or killed... my solution so far is to ban my kids from going anywhere in public. Which has it's own complications, as you can imagine. This is the first year in many that I have not gotten a flu shot for myself, so I have also been reduced to keeping antibac wipes in my purse and compulsively rubbing them all over my hands and cart any time I have to grocery shop.

Stupid Germs.

Elisabeth said...

Do you make Miss Lili eat what you fix for supper? I'm having a terrible time with Abigail eating "our" food. I always offer her what we eat and if she is still attempting to throw it in the floor when we are all done, I let her down. When she gets hungry and wants to eat later, I offer her the same thing. If she refuses it again, which she usually does, I break down and fix her something she will like. I hope it is just a phase but if it is, it's turning into a loooong one!

Jodi G. said...

Awww that's so sweet about Miss. Lili and her dolls!!! Our Alycia Kate adores her baby dolls too!!!

April said...

Are you expecting again? If so congratulations and I will pray for you. It seems I need to "catch up" on previous posts!

Meghan said...

Post the recipe for the sausage mushroom risotto, please.

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