Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Monday

* Back to Reality Day. This went better for some in our family. One child had a complete Math Meltdown, complete with raised voice, flushed face, tears, and stomping off to her bed.

It was a thing of beauty, really.

And yes, we did get some of the Math tangles out. I have revised my expectations as to what will get done this week (as concerns Math) accordingly.

*It was also back to the grocery day. I managed to avoid going last week (although I ended up sending Philip with a small list and $20 so he wouldn't blow my budget this week). I made it to Aldis and Kroger. If you're wondering, "Why Aldis?"

$1.99 gallons of hormone free milk, that's why. I bought three gallons. I wanted to buy 10 (the limit per customer). Dairy cliff? Not here, not yet. (Praise God! And yes, I really do praise God for this and not the yahoos in D.C.)

*Another thing I picked up at Kroger's: a flu shot. My midwife told me to get one a few months ago. I just kept putting it off. But then I read a news story about how flu season hasn't peaked yet and I decided not to play around with my already compromised lungs. Breathing = good thing. Kroger has flu shots for $25. They actually asked me if I wanted to submit it to my insurance. First of all, my insurance is high deductible and wouldn't "cover" the cost. Second of all, if I can pay $25 NOT to have to deal with my insurance company, I'll consider that money (and time) well spent.

*Supper tonight: Sausage - Mushroom Risotto. And guess what? The minions children liked it. And Philip liked it. That makes it a keeper. Usually we settle for 4 out of 6. Miss Lili ate, per her request, at her little table with her 3 favorite baby dolls around her. It was extremely cute, but the rest of us were so busy enjoying our own suppers that no one took a picture. My first reaction was, as I've already shared, just how cute she was being. My second thought: maybe she really does like her baby dolls more than she likes us?

*Now it's time for an impromptu Family Movie Night. On our screen tonight: The Princess Bride.

*Before I forget: Downton Abbey started in the US last night. Did you watch? I'll try not to spoil it all for you but let me give you this warning: enjoy what you can while you can.

How was your Monday?
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