Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekend Links - December 8, 2012

For Thinking:
For Fun:
For the Holidays:
  • Top Picks for Jane Austen Inspired Gifts. The gift guide for the Jane-ite in your life (ahem).
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 for the Ladies. I love the idea of those fleece lined leggings.
  • 5 Habits for Holiday Happiness. You know the advice is going to be good when the first thing is "Contemplate the Incarnation". God with Us! Doesn't everything seem petty compared to that truth?
  • I Cancelled Christmas. Everyone involved in church ministry ought to read this one. I know it encouraged me this week.
  • You probably want to see the First Commercially Available Christmas Card commissioned the same year that Dickens' A Christmas Carol was published, perhaps not coincidentally.
  • Great suggestions in this post: Family Gift Ideas for Large Families. I never think of our family as large (unless there's a line for our one bathroom) except for when we walk in to some place where no one knows us. And then we get comments like, "What a nice, big family." Or, "Are all those kids yours?" Which reminds me of a funny story: We were visiting some really good friends of ours (they have 3 kids, by the way). Their six year old son was going to pray for the food but he prayed himself into a pickle when he could only remember two of our girls' names. So then he said, "Thank you God for {Polly} and all those kids." Philip and I managed not to laugh but I'm not sure how.  Anyway, all that to say, I know we're a large family now, by our culture's standards. But I'd hate for gift giving to be a burden to anyone.
  • One of my favorite but lesser known Christmas Songs: Of The Father's Love Begotten. (Use this as a palate cleanser after one too many "Rudolphs" or "Frosty".
One last suggestion for Christmas music: I listened to this album on Spotify this week and quite enjoyed it. This is an Amazon affiliate link but if you use Spotify you could listen to it for free:

It's a nice change of pace from what the Christmas Radio stations are playing.

Pins of the Week:
This Buckeye Bark seems a lot easier than making Buckeyes:

These look amazing too:

So far our December has been on the warm side but I'm saving these tips for when I need them:

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Kristen said...

Of the Father's Love Begotten is a lovely hymn. One of my (many) favorites, too. I smiled at your pins, because I'm in the middle of rolling my second batch of buckeyes. Time consuming, slightly, but absolutely delicious and my holiday tradition!

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