Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Monday

My first and by far my most important bit of Random Monday news: Philip and I have a new nephew! Yes, Lili's cousin Jo-Jo now has a baby brother. We are, as one of my girls used to say, "So es-sited!" about this. We're also completely bummed that we can't get down South to see him until Thursday evening at the earliest. Real life and adult responsibilities really get in the way sometimes, you know?

2nd Most Important Random Monday news: Polly and I went to the eye doctor this morning. (That's not exciting, you say?) My eyes and my contact prescription haven't changed in 3 years. (Woo-hoo, go me! But I sense you're still not excited...) So I signed over a massive amount of cash to keep me in contacts for the next year (or, let's be honest, longer) but we also had our suspicions confirmed that (drum roll please, exciting news to follow): Miss Polly will now bear a closer resemblance to Margo from Despicable Me! (Following picture to remind you of Polly's Margo costume from a year ago)
Yes, Polly could no longer fight the bad genetics ("I love your family," our eye doctor told me this morning. I'm sure there's more than one reason.) and will now be a full time glasses wearing girl, once the glasses come in (7-10 days).

I will, of course, share a picture once we have one.

Further randomness: we now have a Christmas tree. It is huge. It is so huge, in fact, the only place it really fits is in our kitchen. So we will have a Christmas tree in our kitchen this year. (Bonus: easier to sweep up pine needles from kitchen floor than from carpet.)

Tonight is Tree Decorating night. I have been informed that some time this afternoon or evening I must make Gingerbread Men because, "We always have gingerbread and egg-nog when we decorate the tree." I am not convinced that we always do so, but my children are The Tradition Police.

We have actually been fulfilling the girls' Christmas to-do wish list quite efficiently these last few days. We have several more movies to watch but we started our Christmas movie nights with a movie they hadn't seen before:

Our children did enjoy the movie but they had some pretty funny reactions to it while it was on. (Polly: "So that Potter guy is pretty much the meanest, nastiest guy ever, right?" Tigger: "Why do people think this is a happy movie?!")

I hadn't seen it in a few years and this viewing reminded me why. First: watching this movie is a different experience as an adult as compared to a child. Children still have their lives and dreams in front of them. Second: The bad guy is bad just because he's rich. He never has a change of heart (a la Ebeneezer Scrooge). The good guy is the guy who wants to lend people money with no strings attached. (Sub-prime mortgage fiasco, anyone?) Third: the theology is weird, but I guess that's a rant for another day. Fourth: Mary Hatch's dark life without George? "She's about to close up the library!" Horrors. A librarian!

All that aside, I do love George and Mary Bailey. I think George's real crisis comes earlier in the film, when he's at Mary Hatch's house and acting like a total jerk. Then he has his "I want to do what I want to do!" speech / tantrum and yet, manages to realize in the next three seconds that Mary is the best thing that has ever happened to him and he knows he doesn't deserve it.

I can so relate to that person who wants to stamp his foot and declare, "I want to do what I want to do!" and yet, somehow, makes the adult (hard) choices, at least part of the time. (The other part I'm probably still stamping my foot and sulking a bit.)

I guess that's why the movie is painful to watch. (Philip thinks every five years ought to do it.)

My dad sent me a link to this only today: The Fountainhead of Bedford Falls. Well, it must be a good movie if we can spend so much time thinking about it and analyzing it, right? (But my favorite Christmas movie is now, and shall always be, White Christmas, and no, Philip, listening to the soundtrack will not count as watching it.)

I hope you're having a fantastic Monday!
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Deb said...

Yeah, my eye doctor loves us too. I asked him a few years ago if the kids would need glasses, and he all but snorted and said, "with your genes? of course."

I'm pretty sure I've bought him a boat over the years.

Lisa said...

White Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas movie as well. Dan likes it too (which is really the only musical he can stand).

Lisa said...

White Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas movie as well. Dan likes it too (which is really the only musical he can stand).

Meghan said...

I kind of love the idea of a Christmas tree in the kitchen since that's where we spend so much time during the holidays.

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