Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Polly

Dearest Polly,

Eleven? Eleven?! How did that happen?

Don't tell me: I know. The earth travels around the sun and we all get another year older, including you. Even though I keep threatening you that really, seriously, stop growing.

Polly, your dad and I are so proud of you and the young lady you are becoming. You are smart, witty, and generous. You took the lead in encouraging your sisters to give back this Christmas by buying gifts for a child that otherwise wouldn't have presents. You try to make sure no one is left out if there's a fun activity.

You are loyal and devoted to your friends of all ages. Your Sunday School teachers never want you to promote because they hate losing you from their classes.

You love God and serving Him. You sing for Him and watch your sisters during choir practice for Him and you're always looking for other ways to use your talents for Him. You take responsibility for reading your Bible and for memorizing Scripture. You love to discuss deep things.

You have a sharp memory and you are Dad's favorite game tester (as long as your emotions don't get the better of you).

Because, yes, Polly, you're heading into uncharted territory. Today 11, next year 12, and then the teen years you're already planning and dreaming about. You're growing up and things are getting a little more emotional, a little harder in some ways.

But I'm not worried. I know you're going to sail through with the grace and humor you've already demonstrated up to this point. It'll be an adventure, sure, but I'm glad we get to go through it with you. We'll keep working on those patience and long-suffering virtues - among others. (Maybe it's just coincidence that your mom is still working on those too?)
I know I say it every year, but that's because it's always true: you'll always be my baby.



Lisa said...

I can't believe she is eleven! She looks so grown up wiht her hair cut and glasses. I hope she had a wonderful birthday

Gram said...

From the pictures we can tell that ONE OF YOU hasn't changed much through the years! :)

Hope our girl had a wonderful birthday. I know I enjoyed the part of the day that I got to spend with her!

Amy said...

I didn't know I was so behind on your blog! Happy Belated Birthday to Polly! A beautiful young lady. :)

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