Friday, December 21, 2012

For Unto Us...

A baby is coming.

No, I'm not talking about Jesus. Praise God, he already came around 2,000 years ago. And next time he comes, it won't be as a baby.

No, I mean a different baby.

This baby:
Yes, friends, we are expecting a new little one in May 2013. (Some of you may recall that my family has 3 birthdays in May, and Philip's two younger cousins have May birthdays as well. My sister and brother-in-law also have a May anniversary. May is a fun month and it's about to be even more fun!)

This journey has not been without pain.

I hope you don't think this is too much information but this little one was conceived right around when our baby Isaiah was due. (You can also see my post Things I Know At 20 Weeks for more about our miscarriage and how he got his name.)

I can't think about that one too long - if we'd had Isaiah we wouldn't have this baby and that's just the way it is.

In case you're wondering: it still hurts. It hurts not to count him. When people ask how many kids we have, it's just easier to say "Four girls"  or "Four girls and a baby on the way." But I feel like I'm lying. (And, even though I do it myself, it hurts when other people who know about him don't count him either.)

What helps: people who remember with me. People like my Mom who has a special piece of "Grandma jewelry" with a charm for each of her grandkids, including Isaiah. People who still, to this day, tell me they pray for me. People who tell me their own stories.

And then there's the fact that the first few weeks of this pregnancy had some negative signs. I went to my midwives right away but there was nothing to be done at that point but take it easy, pray, and see what happened. Add to that the fact that my midwife didn't find a heartbeat early on and you have a recipe for a prayerful but nervous me.

I still don't know what that was all about. But now we know that Baby #6 is growing, thriving, and moving around like crazy. (Let me tell you how glad I was to feel those first kicks!)

We're 20 weeks along and we've had our official ultrasound. Do you know what the most beautiful sight during an ultrasound is? It's that little heart beating away.

Some people have asked us if we were "trying for a boy." Answer: no. Would we be disappointed with Baby Girl #5? Absolutely not. A baby to actually hold and love on, whatever the gender: yes, definitely.

But you can imagine our reaction when the ultrasound technician showed us and announced,

"It's a boy!"

Oh, my.

Based on the ultrasound I think we can guess why God gave us four girls first: it's going to take all of us to corral this little guy. The ultrasound technician was laughing over his antics. "Wow, he's fast," was one of her comments, among others. And she gave us a lot more pictures than they usually do because, "Your little guy was just so cute and funny." I'm guessing you have to be an ultrasound technician to really think that, but I was happy to agree.

He's also about 3 oz bigger than average at this point in pregnancy. Not enough to change my due date but enough to speculate he might be a bit larger than my other babies.

So, there you have our Big News. Please pray for us in the next 20 weeks or so. Thank you for sharing our lives with us and being there to encourage me throughout 2012. It's silly but I think this blog really helped when I needed it, especially your encouraging comments and those of you who have regularly prayed for us. 
(Waving good-bye for now!)

If you're wondering what the girls reactions are: Miss Lili has no idea what we're talking about and will probably not know what hit her come May. Tigger & Polly are excited about a baby in general and had no preference as to Brother or Sister. Sweet Pea is the one who told us she wanted a Baby Brother and knew she would probably get one. Have to say I'm kind of relieved she didn't get the other thing she wished for: "I thought two babies would be fun so I wished there would be two babies in there," she told us after the ultrasound. "But one baby brother is fine, too."

I should say so.


Elisabeth said...

I'm so excited for your whole family! I wish I was closer to you guys. (I say that a lot don't I?) I feel like I know you bc of your blog but not enough! Boys are just so different and so fun in their own ways. I am glad you will get to experience it now! If you remember, Abigail had no heartbeat early on and she is just as spunky as can be now. I will be praying for continued growth and healthy (but not too much growth)! :) I can't wait to follow your journey!

Deb said...

Congratulations, Karen! What wonderful news!

How terrific. Baby boys rock. So happy for you all!

VanderbiltWife said...

Congratulations! I'm amazed when people can keep it a secret for so long. :) I'm also jealous of your ultrasound ... I think my office has the worst u/s machine ever. Not so bad that they couldn't see our little Joshua playing with his pee-pee. Definitely a BOY.

Wishing you health and happiness over the next few months!


MacKenzie said...

So excited for you! And i reallly do think May is a great time to have a baby.

Amy said...

Sweet, sweet post. So happy for you! I love little boys. ;)

April said...

So thankful for this news! My heart has been heavy for you. I know we've never met but I thought about you and your trials during my last pregnancy. I'll be praying for you!

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