Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Links - November 3, 2012

I don't have a lot of links for you this week - a media semi-fast will do that - but I do have a few good ones so let's get to it!
Which reminds me of this:

Yes, I'll admit that this made me laugh because some of my Facebook friends jumped immediately to mind. And then I realized I need to be careful about my own self and the way I'm presenting myself and my family to the world. (I'm slow like that.)

Pins of the Week:
This looks like some good sipping:

Service notice: Christmas is in December this year. (I'd like to thank Dave Ramsey for making that announcement this week.)

Which means you may want to look at these great gift ideas:

Only, if you receive gifts from us, don't look too closely, 'cause you never know...

Cold weather is really and truly upon us (and keep praying for those still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy!) which means you probably want to make some homemade soup. This post will help:

That's it for this week. Stay warm, set your clocks back an hour tonight, don't forget to vote on Tuesday, and carry on.
This post is linked to Saturday Linky Love at Vanderbilt Wife. Come share your link posts and see what other people are linking.


VanderbiltWife said...

That caramel hot chocolate is going to send me straight to the kitchen to warm up some water ...! YUM. Since I can't hardly eat, I can totally justify making hot chocolate with half and half and Ghiradelli, right?

Thanks for linking up! Sorry again that I missed last week.

Leila said...

Thanks so much for the link to my post! All your links look so interesting, and I am gearing up the soup ideas for sure! Goodbye grill, hello soups!

April said...

Great links as always! I could save myself a lot of surfing time if I just read your weekend links! You always seem to garner the best. Especially loved K. Andreola's post about the children's hour. This fits into a theme I've been receiving lately, very timely.

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