Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Links - November 17, 2012

November is just flying by. I love that Thanksgiving is early this year - it gives us an entire week left in November to get things done before the December rush.

For Thinking:
  • Calling Teenagers to Treasure Christ More Than All Things. My oldest is only 10 (almost 11) but we're already planning for her adolescent years.  (And, P.S. Most Christian adults have a problem with this too.)
  • Good to remember: Parenting is Hard for a Reason. One thing I remind myself (often): parenting these children God has given me is one way - perhaps the primary way - I am being sanctified by Him. Christian marriage and Christian parenting are less about happiness (although happiness is thankfully a major part!) and more about holiness.
  • On a related note, I love this post: Redeemed Characteristics in Your Children. Imagine that stubborn streak used for God's glory!
  • Considering adolescence in our culture, Sheila Gregoire asks, When Does Childhood End? This perpetual adolescence into our twenties and even thirties is ridiculous.
  • I told you I was following along with Ordo Amoris and the discussion on Dorothy Sayers' book The Mind of the Maker. I enjoyed Cindy's post about Chapter II and also the points about whether we're creating or consuming things in our time spent on the internet.
  • I hope we never need this post but I'm saving it just in case one of our daughters ends up susceptible to these: Natural Healing for Bladder Infections. One of our daughters had a tough time with this when she was little, even to the point of having a doctor ordered ultrasound to be sure she didn't have some anomaly. Thankfully, it turned out fine and she's never had another. 
  • Jamie shares a great list: 7 Ways to Make Your Words Mean More.
For Fun:
Pins of the Week:
Loved this cozy spot:

Thought this outfit was adorable (and now I want a red print dress and red boots...)

Need to try to make these Orange Scones for my husband because he loved them at Panera long ago before they stopped serving them:

Need to make these for myself because I can't get enough Seafood lately:

There you go! Quite a list this week. And that may have to tide you over for a bit. I'll be out of town for most of Thanksgiving week so I'm not sure what that will do to my blog plans.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks for the link, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristen said...

Great links, serious and shallow! :-) I enjoyed them all! I hope that you have a thankful Thanksgiving!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks for the link! Lots of fun stuff to sift through here!

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