Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Monday

1st - Happy Veteran's Day. I'm not sure if "Happy" is the right way to say it, but "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Veterans" might be. Amazon is giving this album away for free today:

You probably need to get it. Just be ready to choke up a time or two. (Or maybe I'm the only one who tears up any time I hear "Taps". Seriously. Any movie with a military funeral and I'll be a gulping, eye swiping mess.)

And speaking of choking up, you probably need to check out this post from Ashleigh Baker: This Is To You, The Military Wife

2nd - Happy Anniversary to my grandparents, even though they do not read my blog. Actually, they don't even have a computer. (!) You know what they do have? 61 years of marriage. Sixty-one! I'd like to know where they should collect their medal because, seriously, 61 years of staying married deserves a medal.

3rd - My cousin's little girl said this the other night: un-defeatable. At first I though maybe she invented it (as a mash-up of "undefeated" and "unbeatable", obviously) but it turns out it is a real word. I love it. So there you go, my new favorite word. (I'm sure you were wondering)

4th - people are starting to ask what the girls want for Christmas. Nothing. They want for nothing, therefore they need nothing. Not what you wanted to hear? I have no idea. I'm guessing anything with 57 million pieces would please them. Their favorite toys appear to be (based on how often I pick them up): random Legos, Barbie shoes, Polly Pocket skirts, the odd playing card, one or two single pick-up-sticks, baby dresses, crayons, and snips of notebook paper. Does that help you with your shopping list? If you really want to make Sweet Pea's (5) day, give her paper, rolls of scotch tape, and colored pencils. Or just the scotch tape. That would probably do it.

5th - After several beautiful, unseasonably warm days we are back to dreary, rainy weather. Which means I need to make a cup of hot chocolate & curl up on the couch with the novel I'm currently reading.

Or, you know, start school work with my children. That needs to happen too.

What's up in your world this Monday?
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tressays said...

61 years of marriage! That is amazing. Congratulations to them!

That was a truly wonderful post that you linked to. I can honestly say that much of it relates to me and I appreciate it that someone said it.

Deb said...

I remember a stage where my kids liked any toys small enough to be poured into a bucket and stirred to make "concrete." Oddly enough, those were the exact toys I hated.

Thanks to the recent election and impending Sequestration, we will be having a nice bowl of "try to remain calm and spend no money ever" for Christmas. Yay.

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