Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Links - October 6, 2012

First a rant: our power has been out two times in the past twelve hours. The first time it went off at 11 PM and it came on somewhere around 3 AM. Then it went off again around 10 AM and came on about 10:45. Unacceptable, Duke.

There wasn't a storm, or strong wind, or ice. Which makes me wonder what's going to happen this winter if there's actually an ice storm or something.

Just had to get that off my chest. Now that the power's back on {fingers crossed}, let's get on with the linkage for this week:
  • Walk to Rest by Nicole at the Girltalk blog. Do you know why Christians are so worn out sometimes? It's because we aren't obeying. True rest comes when we're doing what God has told us to do.
  • I'm active in my church (and really, as a PK, I always have been) but I love this reminder: Your Marriage is Your First Ministry. I would also add that your children come before "outside" ministry. Jolene's post is blunt but I think we could all use the reminder at times. There's only so much of "me" I can give. My husband and my children get first dibs, if that makes sense. (And that's actually one reason why I don't work outside the home and also why we homeschool. As an introvert, people drain my energy. I didn't want to come home at the end of the day and have nothing left for Philip and my kids. You might not need that, but we knew that I did.)
  • Speaking of husbands coming first, Katrina of The Poorganic Life shared an interesting way she puts her husband first: Poorganic Splurge (allocating money in the budget for date night).
  • I liked Smockity's Ten Commandments of Courtesy for Kids (and Adults).
  • Found myself nodding my head and agreeing with two posts from The Common Room this week (which is not unusual, by the way). The first was: Addressing Biblical Femininity and Modesty with our Daughters. The three points I wish parents would really take to heart are 1. it's primarily an internal thing, not external, 2. don't be afraid of your authority as a parent, and 3. an excellent relationship with Dad is key.
  • The second Common Room post that I really want to share with every SAHM I know: Finding the Right Fit. Save this one and read it when you're discouraged.
  • An interesting how-to: How to "Unshrink" Your Clothes
  • Plugged In reviewed the new Mumford and Sons album. I love Mumford and Sons but I was wary because their first album had one song we had to completely delete due to profanity. Looks like we'll be doing that again, because "Babel" gets a glowing review except for one track.
  • October is the month when Nester hosts "31 Days" posts. This year there are 1233 entries, so there's definitely something for everyone. Here are some series that I'll be following:
31 Days to Write Your Story by Lisa-Jo Baker.
31 Days of Fearless Writing by The Write Day.
Which 31 days posts are you following? Are any of you doing one this year?

Pins of the Week:
I felt like I was on Pinterest a lot this week and yet I only pinned a few things. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, I must have pumpkin on the brain (doesn't everyone in October?!) because I pinned these two recipes:

So, what caught your eye this week?

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Elisabeth said...

I glanced over this but will have to came back to read all the good stuff!
My first thought when I read that the power went off twoce was that the poor squirrels have nowhere to run but up on the wires in the city. Maybe that was the problem. =)

Amy said...

Mmm! I love pumpkin in the fall! Just in the last week we've had pumpkin muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, and yesterday my two big boys made pumpkin biscuits. I'm ready for round two! :)

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