Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Links - October 20, 2012

For Serious:
  • Why We Let our Teenager Manage our Budget.  I thought this was a great idea to remember for when my girls get a bit older. We'll have them take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace course and then let them have a go at the family budget for a specific period of time, as a way to earn a "personal finance" credit.
  • I love Kevin DeYoung's list of Unlikely Debate Lines. Side note: the final presidential debate is Monday. I seriously doubt either of them will say any of these things.
  • Speaking of the election (and it seems like we are always speaking about it...), now would be a good time to review the John Piper sermon Let Christians Vote as Though They Were Not Voting. Now I'm going to go off on a tangent: I've seen some Christians around the blogosphere and Facebook post things along the lines of "the election doesn't matter because no matter what, God is still in control." Well, obviously God is still in control. You know when else God was in control? (Correct Answer: always) Oh, how 'bout when Nero was Emperor of Rome and using Christians as human torches? Or how about when Hitler came to power in Germany? Or how about any number of despotic regimes I can name that are in power around the world right now, regimes with no respect for human life and outright hatred for Christians? You see, God is in control but the things we do, the rulers we elect, the choices we make, those things have consequences. We have to live on this earth as it is, not as we wish it would be. Christians over the centuries (and many around the world today) would probably have given much to have the freedoms and choices we currently have in the US. So vote like it matters, because it does. Now I've said my piece and we can move on.
  • 10 Survival Tactics for Rescuing a Bad Day. So much good advice in one post!
  • Ghosts of World War II: period photos superimposed on modern images. Probably my favorite set of this new trend.
For Fun:
  • This is probably only of interest to my local friends and family: What Would Marty Do? (About the Cincinnati Reds) I think I agreed with his observations.
  • In further baseball related matter: I am not a Dodgers fan but I enjoyed this post about Sports and Education. Sports, in their proper place, can definitely be a positive thing.
  • Know anyone getting married soon? Make sure they're acquainted with these 10 New Rules for Wedding Dresses. Note: 9 of these reasons are silly but, seriously, I encourage you to rip off Kate Middleton. Her dress was timeless and classy. You could do far worse.
  • I loved this Advice from a 7 Year Old. My favorite is probably "if you do not have enough money get a Job," but really, it's all good advice.
  • The Five Worst Sounds in the Universe. I suppose I won't argue with this list but I really think my 5 year old's high pitched whine (or the scream her 2 year old sister has perfected) could have made the cut.
  • Check out this awesome refashion: Mod Cloth Inspired Plaid Dress Refashion. Our local thrift store is usually full of these types of dresses but I never saw their potential before this post.
  • Speaking of Fall Fashion, you need to know How to Wear Tweed. Laura Barton can help you out. Sense of superiority, here we come! {wink} *Autoplay video warning. Make sure the volume on your computer is at a manageable level. Wouldn't want to blast yourself out of your computer chair. Not that such a thing every happens to me.*
Pins of the week:
Still wasn't very active pinning this week. I did pin this recipe to try sometime:

And this, just for fun:

I have neither the inclination nor the money to go to a gym. Walking at our local park? Yes. "Working out" with machines other people have used or taking a class with other people who can see how uncoordinated I am? No.
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Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Great round-up! Especially love the cute tweed for this time of year.

Thanks for including the advice from my 7-year-old!

Deb said...

Love the Unlikely Debate Lines! I wish we would hear something like that. I am looking forward to the debate tonight - it's like a football game for us, complete with yelling at the television and tweeting snarky comments.

April said...

I really enjoyed those WWII photos. You always have the best links!

Karin said...

Wish we would have taught our children more on financial matters - no chance for a do-over. Love that "didn't make it to the gym"! On Pinterest I've got a cute video under 'smiles and chuckles' about a little ballerina - you would like. Thanks for your links!

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