Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Monday

{Because "Organized Thoughts Monday" is just not going to happen around here.}

1. Yesterday was staff appreciation at our church. Which is always a lovely, if humbling, experience. Some folks give us gifts and such too, in addition to encouraging words and public recognition. Last night Sweet Pea {5} was looking at her daddy's stack of cards, gift cards, & such.

"Dad, you really should share some of this with Mommy," she informed him.

I've trained that child well.

2. I have decided to study up on American football. See, I have this theory that there are no genuine female football fans. Sure, there are many girls / women who profess to love football...

But I don't think so. These ladies are always fans of whatever team their husband / father / potential future mate happens to love.

I do not have that kind of peer pressure: my dad follows football only to mock the fans, teams, & ridiculous nature of sports fanaticism. My husband doesn't care about it at all. Seriously: the only game he watches every year is the Super Bowl. We watch it together in our own version of a Super Bowl Party.


Here are my observations so far: College ball and Pro ball are really not the same game and people tend to prefer one over the other. I have no alma mater or parental alma mater to cheer for (we all graduated from small Christian colleges) so I am skipping college ball.

These are teams I am evaluating as possible "favorite team" for myself:
  • Titans - because I grew up in TN and I'd rather cheer for the Titans than the Bengals (current hometown team). I am not interested in sports related masochism. If I'm going to cheer on a team they're going to have to actually win a game every now and again. Yes, I am shallow.
  • Broncos - because Peyton Manning
  • Giants - because Eli Manning
  • Ravens - because they're doing well so far this year. And also because I have a soft spot for Baltimore based teams since Philip & I went there on our honeymoon. (I tend to cheer for the Orioles for the same reason. This does not hinder my love and devotion to the Reds in any way as the Orioles are American League and I am all about the National League when it comes to baseball. Or, as I like to call it, real ball.)
  • '49ers - and:
  • Redskins - both of these because they seem to be popular and I might as well be a bandwagon joiner at this point. I suppose I am also considering:
  • Eagles - for that same reason. However, if I was going to go by best record then I would have to go for:
  • Falcons - because they are undefeated this year.
You can see this a highly scientific process. So if you want to throw in your suggestions for my future favorite football team, feel free. I warn you that several teams are already out of the running for various reasons. (So please, no "Steelers!" or "Patriots!" suggestions. I don't know much about football but I do know I don't like the Steelers or Tom Brady. So those are right out.)

3. Speaking of things I can't quite get into: my husband is a Dr. Who fan now. I, despite my love for Sci-fi, including vintage, rather silly sci-fi, and intense love for all things produced in the UK, can't quite seem to sit through an episode. He has not yet given up hope that I will eventually like it the way he does. We'll see.

4. Now for a cute and highly random picture:
Miss Lili and her kitty friend in the little playhouse a few days ago. 

We've had some beautiful fall days recently. Now that it's colder we think our neighbor moved her cat inside. This makes us sad. OK, this makes some of us sad. Like Miss Lili who runs to the window every morning and calls, "Kitty? Where you, Kitty?"

Which makes me sad. If we weren't trying to sell this house I think we would have cat-napped that cat long ago. Or you know, asked the neighbor if we could have the cat since she likes us best anyway.

5. One Thing I Love the Most about Singing in our Church Choir: I get to start listening to Christmas music in October. Our cantata this year is going to be epic. I love it. I've listened to it every day since Sunday a week ago and I seriously think I could listen to it every day between now and Christmas and never get really tired of it.

OK, that's enough random for one day. What's up with you this week?
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Deb said...

Well, I tend to agree with the football theory, but I do know ONE woman who seems to truly love it. Personally, I think it's stupid. I brushed up on it a while back so I could wow my husband with random facts. The book "The Dummies Guide to Football" was quite helpful, depending on how fanatical you want to get about it. LOL.

I love Christmas music too! Ave Maria is my favorite song. I should break it out.

Thanks for linking up!

Elisabeth said...

I dislike football also. I bought my first football shirt this year to support my husband's team, WVU. He loves college ball. I suppose I will love it when Ryan plays in high school, kids have a way of changing your mind about a sport! :)

Amy said...

Fascinating football analysis. We are pretty much anti-football at our house in general, mostly because of the almost worshipful attitude our nation seems to have toward it. (And the irony of that is that my husband spends every Friday night every fall working at high school football games.) I like whichever team beat the Cowboys most recently. We liked the Redskins when Joe Gibbs was still there, because we were NASCAR fans then and he was a classy Christian guy and all. But I don't think he is involved in football anymore....? Not sure.

Amy said...

I know this is an old post, but it just occurred to me I needed to come address that Orioles thing. While cheering for any AL team other than the Rangers could normally be a potential danger to this friendship, we tend to have a soft spot for the Orioles ourselves, so all is well. Carry on. I knew you were worried. ;)

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

I thought that might get a response from you. Don't worry - I cheer for the Rangers too. I think I would even if we weren't friends. I rather thought my dig about National League ball being the "Real" baseball would endanger our friendship the most. ;)

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