Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. What album/cd/download are you embarrassed to admit you have?
Oh, wow. Maybe ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits? Or the five Spice Girls songs I have in my "'90's" folder. Or that "James Bond Theme Songs" album, although, in my defense, that's actually my husband's.

2. What's the one thing your spouse does better than you?
I think the only thing I do better than he does is hold two thoughts in my head at once. He's very singular of focus.

Other than that, he's great at pretty much everything. But want to know something nice? He would say that about me. We're pretty big fans of each other, we complement each other, and our relationship is not a contest to see who does what better. [/soapbox]

3. When do you start buying Halloween Candy?
At the last minute possible or we would eat it. This year we're not doing the "Trick or Treat" thing, since Halloween is on a Wednesday. We'll have an alternative activity for our kids at our church. For that I'll have to have candy in by the Sunday before.

The best time to buy candy: after Halloween. Just remember that I call dibs on the  Almond Joy / Mounds bags.

4. Family closets - Yay or nay?
I actually love the idea. The house we live in now is far to small for such a set up. We've gotten pretty good at figuring out storage in an old house that doesn't have closets handy. I think I might try the family closet concept if we ever move.

5. Which home/cleaning chore do you hate the most? Why?
Well, hate is kind of a strong word. I'm not fond of folding & putting away laundry. And I wouldn't say I enjoy cleaning, under usual circumstances. But I love having a {reasonably} clean house. And I love to sit down at night with {relatively} all the toys & clutter put away again.

That said, I would never have an exchange like one I saw on FB the other day:

New Wife & Homemaker: I hate laundry!
Other friends: Me too!
Older Sister: Doesn't bother me!!!

That's when I'd tell that older sister to get over herself and also that I'd be dropping my laundry by for her to do, since it doesn't bother her. "Take it easy on the starch."

Come on people, if someone wants to vent about her laundry pile, that's A-OK. That's why FB is there, as far as I can tell. (Although, I admit, I wanted to say, "Hey, you think you have a lot of laundry with just the two of you? Come to my house. You'll see what a laundry pile really means.")

How about you? Got a least favorite chore? And please, do tell: what embarrassing album will you admit to?
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retired not tired said...

You shouldn't be embarassed with your downloads. They sound good to me. I think I have them as well.

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