Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 7, 2012

Three day school week? How awesome is that?!

Monday - no school. Spent the day at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Played games, ate, watched movies, and some of us intrepid types went swimming (Tigger, Sweet Pea, yours truly).

Tuesday - Regular day of school in the morning. Used Oreos to illustrate the phases of the moon (only had mini-Oreos on hand so didn't have pristine results but we liked the activity anyway). Went to Gram & Granddad's for Happy Meal Day. Sweet Pea suffered the rest of the day with some sort of stomach virus or food poisoning. Not from the Happy Meal, you understand, as her sisters & cousin all had Happy Meals and only Sweet Pea got sick. Sweet Pea recuperated the rest of the day. Philip took Polly & Tigger to the library with him when he went to his tutoring job. Polly, Tigger, Miss Lili & I went on our usual walk in the evening while Philip stayed home with Sweet Pea.
Wednesday - regular school and Sweet Pea was all the way better (and bouncing off the walls). I went to the grocery in the morning. In the two hours I was gone Tigger got approximately nothing done. So I had to sit on top of her work right beside her in the afternoon. Finished up our moon chapter in Science and also did all our mapwork for Chapter 5 in History. Kids' program at church in the evening.

Thursday - our last day of school for this week. Did a moon phase project with Sweet Pea (who missed Science on Tuesday because she was off with Granddad & Fen). I'm using resources from Homeschool Share to do Science with Sweet Pea so that she can be in on the lessons with her older sisters even though she's not quite ready for the official Apologia notebook.

Housecleaning day (not the girls' favorite). The girls' room hadn't gotten too bad since last week. The worst thing is we had to move the baby's bed so she would stop climbing out onto her sister's bed. It makes the whole room more cramped. (And yes, all four girls share a not very large room. We'd love to move, if we can ever sell our house. Meanwhile we're thankful for girls who are actually pretty happy to be together.)

The entire family made it to the park for our usual walk / playground time. Sweet Pea beat everyone back to the playground so she "won". (As she so graciously informed us upon our own arrivals at the playground.)

Friday - no school because we're traveling for a family reunion. We plan to visit a waterfall and spend a lot of time in the hotel pool.

We kept it simple this week. I had Polly review the first four lessons in Latina Christiana II instead of going on to the next chapter. Tigger only reviewed vocabulary. Polly & Tigger both finished three math lessons. Tigger & I did two language lessons. We did a full chapter each in Science & History. Polly & Tigger both did some cursive. Sweet Pea worked on the various sounds of "TH", a sound she has trouble pronouncing, much less reading.

Three books I read aloud to the youngest three:
Sweet illustrations and my girls could easily identify with appreciating hand-me-downs. Sweet Pea in particular liked this one (that child loves anything to do with clothes, jewelry or accessories).

The adventures and runaway imagination of a sometimes naughty little boy. I was a little bit worried that this one was glorifying bad behavior but everyhting turned out OK.

Sweet and reminiscent of The Wind in the Willows or Beatrix Potter characters. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but Miss Lili really loves saying, "Cuckoo" after reading this one.

All in all, a nice week and we're looking forward to a great weekend. Wishing you all a lovely weekend too!
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