Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Links - September 22, 2012

  • Don't Tell Me How to Use Facebook. Our link host Jessie shared this last week but I thought I would share it again just in case you haven't seen it yet. This seems extra pertinent in this season because of the politics thing.
  • I saved two different posts about Pinterest this week. The first is from Pinstrosity: Comparison is the Thief of Joy.
  • The second is: You Can't Pin Love. I love Pinterest. (Seriously. It's my favorite social media site.) But it can cause some serious discontent if we're not careful. Someone will always have a bigger house, cuter clothes, or fancier photo shoots. Let's use Pinterest to inspire ourselves, not to tear ourselves down.
  • Altering Jeans: Adding Width to a Waistband. Interesting idea. Not sure mine would turn out that tidy...
  • I can so identify with this one: To Share or Not To Share? My blog is one thing, my fiction another. I'm trying to work up my courage and have a family member read some of my story. Maybe. Eventually.
  • We're using Apologia Stronomy for Science this year so I saved this list for reference: Apologia Astronomy Supplemental Resources.
  • I really think my kids would enjoy these, but we've never tried them. So I'm saving this post to inspire me to actually buy some: The Wonder of Water Beads.
  • Now, without getting too political, let me just say that there were a lot of ridiculous things in the news last week. But this is probably the dumbest: Texas Mom Arrested for Letting Children Play Outside. My word, has everyone lost their ever lovin' minds?! The article wants to know if you think this mom is justified in suing. My answer: yes. I'd sue the neighbor, the city, the cops, and anyone else (like maybe all those helicopter parents that can't let their kids be kids?!). This is ridiculous. (And seriously erodes my faith in Texas.)
Pins of the week:
We have a birthday party tomorrow and we're going to try and make something like this:

These cards are seriously adorable. Could be a fun project to do with the girls one of these days:

What caught your eye this week?
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