Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend Links - September 15, 2012

Well, friends, I've come up with slightly fewer links than usual this week. Most of the reading I did on the internet this week was of the news ("You've got to be kidding me") variety. I hope you did some similar reading. With all that's going on in the world you do not want to be taking anyone's filtered or biased word as gospel truth. Now I'll get off my soapbox and get on with the links I did save.
  • Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall. (My advice: throw on a sweater and trade your flip-flops for boots. But no one asked me.)
  • Did you hear about the BIC Pens "designed for her"? Ridiculous. This sarcastic post about sums up how I feel about that idea: Nobody, Not Even Your Mom, Has Such Small Hands.
  • I thought this post was interesting: How Your Body Fights Starvation. (I find the intricacies of the body yet more proof of a designer, not less, by the way. So I was able to marvel at the science mentioned in the article without buying into the author's view on origins. Be forewarned about that.)
  • I love finding out about fellow Grammar Nerds. The first sentence of this essay made me swoon: Le Mot Juste.
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is only a short road that leads from grammatical laxity to cannibalism.
  • Great advice from Dan Miller on Writing Your Personal Story.
  • Related: Rachelle Gardner shared 10 Ways to Become a Better Writer.
  • Love Smockity's post: Careful Mother vs. Assertive Mother. Here's my related advice: don't ask a question when you're not really asking. And please, for the love of your children, stop saying, "Okay?" every time you ask them to do something. If you read the comments on that post you'll find some parents suggesting using "Okay?" for strong willed children. Let me tell you: I have strong-willed children (for Pete's sake, I was a strong-willed child!), adding OK does not help. Either really offer two choices or don't ask, just tell. Say something like "Understand?" Or "Clear?" if you want them to respond. (Just my $0.02, obviously)
  • Being the Homeschool Oddball by Jimmie. I'm guessing that all homeschoolers feel like "The Oddball" even around other homeschoolers, at times. I do for these reasons: 1. because we are strongly resisting the whole "co-op" thing. 2. because we require more academic work from our children than the other families in our support group (who are almost all more the "unschooler" type).
  • And finally, the post that I probably needed most this week (because yes, there were a few nights when I could hardly sleep I was so concerned about the state of our country and world): Be Anxious for Nothing.
Pins of the week:
I love the idea of printing a photo on a book page:

I still want to make some candles like this some day:

So, what did you read or pin this week?
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April said...

LOL'd about that Bic article! Love your links.

VanderbiltWife said...

For my best friend's 30th, I bought her some art on Etsy that is printed on antique book pages. LOVE that!

I know I shouldn't ignore the news. And I don't, totally. But with being pregnant I can't even THINK about bad things without bawling and I am afraid I will become a total wreck if I get wrapped up in it. All I can do is pray that Jesus will save us from this world soon.

auntieemsguide said...

Karen, I saw some views from your site, tracked you down, and found your lovely shoutout for my blog! I'm humbled and honored... and so very glad I could help you sleep better! Please visit again, and I look forward to digging into your blog.
Melinda (Auntie Em)

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