Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to...

Miss Lili. Can't believe you're two already!

You are our blessing, our baby, and our boss.

You have Daddy wrapped around your little finger. OK, you pretty much have all of us wrapped around your fingers. You have been my sunshine in dark days and I thank God for the blessing you are to us.

Mama loves you, Little One. (And your daddy & your sisters do, too!)


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Lili! I hope she had a lovely birthday. Please give her hugs and kisses for me!

Elisabeth said...

It's a funny thing how the baby can have so much control over the whole family, huh?! It has happened here, too. Happy birthday to her!

Amy said...

Aww!! Sweetness. Happy Birthday to Lili! Two year olds are so fun. :)

Gram said...

Oh, my! If we make a list of all the people who love our Little Miss Lili it will never end!

It took awhile for Miss Lili to return our love, but it sure was worth the wait and the effort to win her over. What a cuddlebug!

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