Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yet Another Proof I Am An Introverted Geek

Note: this is an actual conversation. I am not making this up.

Philip and I were discussing some of the struggles we're dealing with right now. I summed up with this lament:

"I just feel like I'm the Starship Enterprise, you know? I'm flying through the galaxy, exploring, doing my thing and then someone locks a tractor beam on me and I'm stuck."

Philip, somewhat bemused, "But, honey, most people think connections are a good thing."

Me: "Yes, but to me they're Romulans or Klingons. Could be allies, but usually somewhat dangerous."

Always try to explain things so your husband understands them, right?

P.S. This conversation took place on a day when I was already feeling run down. I do not always compare my life to Star Trek or people of my acquaintance to Klingons. 


Gram said...

Romulan? Or Klingon?

(I'm afraid to ask where I fit in that analogy.)

Both were ugly beings that didn't have "great personalities" unless you consider Worf. ;)

Lisa said...

I make references to Star Trek all the time....sadly it's wasted on Dan, who has no idea what I'm talking about :)

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