Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Playgrounds, Volcanos, & Books

Another week already?! I didn't share our week last Friday because of two things:
  1.  thinking about our baby who had been due on that day 
  2. spending the day with family over at my grandparents' house - one of my most favorite places in the world and ate dinner at Carrabas, one of my favorite "don't get to eat there often" restaurants
So, I don't regret how I spent last Friday but I do regret not having the record of what we actually did in school.

Oh, well. On to this week!

Monday - Said goodbye to Aunt Lulu after her long weekend with us. Full day of school for everyone including Reading, copywork, Math, Bible memory and the other usual things.

Took the 3 oldest to the library where we checked out more books than we could easily carry. Some were for school but most were "just for fun". I replenished my depleted reading stack, too.

Finished the day with a family trip to the local playground & walking trail.
Tuesday - Sweet Pea spent the morning with Gram, Granddad, and her cousins Fen & Bee. Tigger, Polly, & I got lots of school done during the morning including Science, History, Grammar, and Latin (things we do together) and their usual work (Math, cursive, reading, etc.)

This was Happy Meal day: the day Granddad treats all the grandkids to Happy Meals and the grown-ups to burgers and fries. This definitely makes for a Happy Day. Plus Gram, Sweet Pea, and Fen made shortbread cookies for everyone to enjoy.

After some outside play (primarily to wear down Fen for his nap) we went home to naptime and a bit more school work. Finished the day with another trip to the playground & walking trail. This time we did the nature trail plus our usual walk on the track. The girls saw a rabbit in the "woods" (we were never really out of sight of the river or the train tracks close by) and we met several friendly dogs who were walking with their owners.
Wednesday - How bad is it that nothing really sticks in my mind about this day? I remember working primarily with Tigger and Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea had a phonics break through: she remembered all the short vowel sounds and she learned about SH at the beginning of words. I'll admit that teaching a child to read is not really my favorite part of homeschooling but I do love it when those breakthroughs happen and you can see recognition on a child's face.

Thursday - Not a happy morning. One child was sent back to her bed with her mp3 player for some decompressing time before she could do school. I helped the other two during that time. Much fussing and offense taking (of the "She touched my book! She stole my pencil!" variety).

Attitudes turned around when Daddy helped with a Science experiment (we were studying Venus this week): A volcano made of flour and melted butter:
 They watched the melted butter pour down and harden like lava.

Miss Lili had a check-up in the afternoon. We missed her 18 month check up so they just combined that with her 2 year check up. (Sometimes procrastination pays off...). All is well in Lili world. The doctor was impressed by how much she was able to say.

Late in the afternoon the three oldest girls and I met some friends at a spray park. (Don't worry about Lili, she slept the entire time we were gone. Doctor visits wear a girl out.)

The volcano sat on our counter all day until we threw it away after the girls went to bed. I wish every homeschool "keep or toss" decision was as easy.

Friday - finishing up anything left. Checked and corrected Polly's math, Tigger had her first sentence diagramming experience. Sweet Pea used a lot of dry erase markers, you know, the usual. Everyone helped (some more than others...) clean the house a bit and Polly helped with the laundry.

This week Polly and Tigger both read books for History and Science - Polly finished 6 and Tigger finished 5. Polly also finished a book of Jack Prelutsky's poems. Tigger read 3 American Girl books, among other things.

Here are some of the books I read aloud to the youngest girls this week (although the older two managed to listen in as well):
We own this and it's a favorite. It's been awhile since I've read it and Sweet Pea hadn't heard some of the rhymes before. How guilty did that make me feel? Don't ask.
We picked this up at the library after I saw Vanessa of Silly Eagle Books recommend it. We know some people who do not like nicknames of their given names (Philip, Granddad, Philip's brother) and some who use a nickname every day (Aunt Lulu, Gram, Sweet Pea) so we had fun with this book.
The continuing adventures of a rascally duck. This one was about a corn maze, which our girls loved since we visit a corn maze every fall.
Sweet story and we really loved the illustrations in this one.
My girls thoroughly enjoyed this absurd story.
Four fables compressed into one picture book. This one inspired some good discussion since the older girls were listening in. "Why should you not trust a flatterer?" "Does one bad turn really deserve another?" "What does Jesus say about that?"

This was our strangest read-aloud of the week:

Tigger had picked it out at the library.The illustrations are quite funny but we couldn't quite get past the "elephant as cat" thing. Could be just us. We tend to be literal sometimes.

Anyway, that's how the week went. Tomorrow: not much planned but I'm hoping to do some thrifting. How did your week go?

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Joesette said...

It's ok that you missed last week, really ;0) Sorry that part of the reason was a sad one, but it's good to step away now and then.

GREAT volcano!

Leah C said...

I really like the volcano. We've made several volcanoes but never one with flour and butter. I can relate to the bickering part of the week. We've had to deal with that lately also.

This looks like a good week, though. :-)

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Great week with lots of reading. Makes me want to go to the library today. We haven't been in a while. Our family love's to share good books together. It just makes the entire atmosphere change, laughter, deep thinking, etc. We've also made volcanoes, even when we were not studying them, just because my children enjoyed doing them when we were studying them. Now the fancy just strikes them sometimes to do one.

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