Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Links - August 4, 2012

Today Philip and I are taking the three oldest girls canoeing. Miss Lili is having a spa day with her much beloved Sunday School teacher. (OK, not a spa day, exactly, but it's guaranteed she'll be spoiled to the max by the time we pick her up this afternoon!)

Now to the links:
1. It's back to school season {insert cheer or groan here as necessary}. Anna of Molding Minds Homeschool shared a great List of Educational Documentaries. (That is, they are documentaries about education.) The only one on her list that I've seen is Waiting for "Superman".

2. This fabulous post by Leila really resonated with me: Men Without Chests, Or, What C.S. Lewis Made Me Think About. Her last paragraph sums up this way:
Let's find the energy to live, and offer our children the chance to live, a life that struggles towards virtue, for the sake of God's goodness; just starting today in a small way to work, rest, love, and laugh healthy, not destructive, laughter. We will fall short. Evil will still roam about. That's not the point. The point is to strive!
Good stuff.

3. You know anything about grammar can catch my eye. Here are two posts about grammar I stumbled on this week:
4. Love this letter from Designing Around: Dear Pottery Barn. I may have lol'd reading this.

5. Speaking of back to school time, one struggle many homeschool moms face is Curriculum Envy. Trust me, I still desire the "perfect" curriculum too. However, were I to find it, my imperfect children and their imperfect teacher {I} would mess it up.

6. If you're considering homeschooling, and especially if you'll be taking your child{ren} out of a different system, you may want to consider Kris's post: What is Deschooling and Is It Important?
I think her advice is good for homeschoolers facing burnout as well (yes, it happens).

7. This could be related to back to school days: Decluttering Kids' Rooms: Drastic Measures with Positive Results. Great advice in that post about making decluttering a positive instead of a negative experience.

8. You might also enjoy this one from Apartment Therapy: 8 Truths About Home Organization I Learned from the Berenstain Bears. I can't be the only one who loved The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Roomas a kid.

9. The 4Moms tackled the question of Bossy Older Siblings this week. I really appreciated the DHM's first bit of advice on this: Don't give responsibility without authority. (OK, really, I appreciated all of the DHM's advice. The other posts are worth reading too but there is one of the 4 moms that I do not read because, in general, she raises my blood pressure. I'll just let you guess which one of the four I usually skip.)

10. Now on to the important stuff, the Olympics.
Pins of the week:
Great activity for teaching "Greater than, lesser than":

I was able to make Tigger's day when we found these awesome Manatee Superhero pictures:

What did you stumble on this week?
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Amy said...

I find your 4Moms commentary interesting. I generally only read 2 of the 4. Maybe we can compare notes sometime. ;)

Love, love the "shop the living room" kids' room decluttering strategy!

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