Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Links - August 25, 2012

For Thinking:
  • The Courage to Put Away our Cameras by Russ Ramsey. We do not have pictures of many of my favorite memories. I didn't take a picture when Polly & I were singing the same cheerful song as we skipped to our car from the library. But I thoroughly enjoyed the moment. This is life. You get one earthly life: be here.
  • i write: Distracted by Amanda. How I identified with this one! I love the idea of writing. The actual process? Much harder.
  • Wanted: Groom for April 7, 2013 Wedding by Ruth Rutherford. I don't think it's wrong to dream about a future wedding day or even to have some preferences about how it might look. But how it looks or where it's held is not the most important thing about your future wedding.
  • Are We All Braggarts Now? I think about this sometimes. I want this blog and my Facebook and my Twitter to be a reflection of my life and my relationship with God: whether good, bad or indifferent. People who seem to be bragging about how awesome they are and people who are constantly complaining about how bad their lives are, are equally bad problems to my point of view. But you can be bragging whether you're talking about good stuff or bad stuff. Tricky, isn't it?!
  • Letting Go of Guilty Clutter by Organizing Junkie. Guilty clutter is the worst: so many emotions tied up in things that are, after all, just things.
  • The Hard Blessing by Monica at The Homespun Heart. Setting boundaries for our families is difficult, but necessary. (P.S. I love all of Monica's thoughtful and beautiful posts and pictures - you should definitely visit her blog on a regular basis.)
  • You Can Do It Too - an e-book giveaway by Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles. Yes, you. You can homeschool. If you want to: you can.
Just for Fun:
Pins of the Week:
This space is just lovely:

Anyone who has visited my house knows that Red & White is one of my favorite schemes for decorating.

I love the idea of printing out some favorite Pinterest Pins in order to shop or scrapbook. I do not love the idea of using a lot of ink. We'll see which impulse wins.

This sculptured book art is amazing:

This Chex Mix is on my "must try" list:

Are you following Candid Diversions on Facebook? Here are a few things I've linked to on that page this week that I haven't shared on the blog: Parenting Lessons Learned from the Anne Books, "Are you as busy as you think?", Chore Charts, Confusing Words, Kindle deals,  and the History of the Plastic Pink Flamingo. Something for everyone, in other words.

What did you stumble on this week? Got a favorite pin? Share in the comments.
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MacKenzie said...

Very good link week!

I worry about the braggart thing to. I try to be "real-ish" in that I share fun moments as well as difficult stuff, without (hopefully :-) being whiny. But we live so far away from family that my blog and facebook are the main way to get them pictures and updates on Lucy. I guess I'll just have to live with the other 10 readers thinking I'm obsessed with my kid and the cool things about her.

Also, I need to go buy cinnamon.

Kristen said...

I loved the ASL ideas. I've used it for years when teaching Preschool and Kindergarten. They love it, and learn it so quickly, plus it helps our routines. I started when a parent gave me a book called "Dancing with Words: Signing for Hearing Children." Fascinating and motivating.

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Thanks for the link on ASL. We are doing that in our homeschool this year. We are working out of the ASL book & the puzzle book that goes with it. I'm in hopes that my children would be like you were should they have an encounter with a deaf person, not remember all of it, but retain enough of it that they could be helpful to the deaf person.

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