Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend Links 8/18/12

For thinking:

For fun:
  • Amazing Attic Redesigns. Some of the houses we've looked at have had some great attic space. I think it would be fantastic to use some of these ideas.
  • My retro / vintage loving heart enjoyed these scans of Room Interiors, 1946. Especially liked the one: "what to do with 3 boys in one room".
  • Christmas will be here before you know it. And the year is full of birthdays and other special occasions. Which means most of us can use this post: Toy Buying Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them.
  • Buying a house isn't enough trouble for some folks. They might be interested in Buying a Town. Which sounds ridiculous, of course, but also kind of fun.
  • 5 Decorating Rules to Break by Country Living.
  • This anecdote is the kind of thing pastors' families seem to produce in spades. (Yes, I completely identified with the obedient sister in that story.)
  • A Nine Year old Tells Us How to Raise Some Cats. That last picture reminded me of Sweet Pea or Miss Lili with our kitty that has adopted us.
Pins of the Week:
These calendar pages were so helpful. I'm using them for Tigger and Sweet Pea:

This would look amazing in one of our girls' rooms once we move (Because we still hope to move in the next year even though it doesn't seem likely right now. We must keep hope!):

And I thought this outfit was super cute. Now I need want a yellow skirt and a blue and white long cardigan:

What links or pins caught your eye this week?

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