Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend Links - 8/11/12

Something different for this week: I'm going to divide my links post into Serious / Thought-provoking and Just for Fun sections to make it easier for you, my dear readers (Have I told you lately that I love you?), to navigate. Sound good? Good.

Things that made me think this week:
  • How Kids Benefit from Chores by Laura Grace Weldon. Yes, it would be easier to make supper alone. And it would sure be easier without an almost 2 yr old dumping the egg carton. But that's not the point. Remember: the goal is to raise capable, responsible adults. Chores will do that.
  • How to Love Your Home {Even When You Don't Like It} by Melissa Michaels. I have to remind myself that I do love our home. I want very much to have a larger house, a nicer house, but deep down I do love the home we've created here.
  • Love You to the Moon and Back by Mary at Owlhaven. Great reminder that love exprssed between husband and wife also spills over to the children.
  • Experiences, Not Things by Meg at Write Meg! Pretty much my philosophy too. And, for the record, Philip and I have never regretted saving and then spending the money to go to the UK for our 10th anniversary. We had an amazing time. And the scenery and sights weren't bad either. {rim shot}
  • I Want to Be a Godly Mother by Carolyn Mahaney. Great reminders in this post!
  • Choosing Joy by Sheila Gregoire. One reason this post resonated with me is I had to give up the TV show "ER" just as the author describes. Actually, I gave up all 10 PM shows and you know what? More sleep, more joy. (Eventually Philip and I gave up most TV altogether. More sleep, even more joy.)
  • Steps to Take When Your Facebook is Hacked by Robert Coulter. It happens a lot so keep this post in mind if it happens to you.
Fun Stuff:

    Pins of the week:
    A hobbit hole playhouse? I die.

    Love this up-do tutorial but I doubt I could do it to myself, even though I can french braid my own hair (go me. This is a skill of which I am inordinately proud):

    Gorgeous dining room or kitchen:

    Did you stumble on any great posts or pins this week? Do share!
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    Lisa said...

    Have I told you how much I enjoy Saturday mornings because I look forward to your link posts? :) So glad I get to see you all this coming week!

    Kristen said...

    First of all, that blog commenting post is funny because it's so true! Second, I want long hair again just so I can braid like that. And third, gorgeous dining room! Great posts and pins.

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