Friday, August 3, 2012

Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up - 8/3/12

Monday - The first "normal" weekday after our weeks of camp. We started off with a dentist trip for Tigger. Tigger got a good report (no cavities!) and a new toothbrush. This was so much different from poor Polly's dentist trips we all rejoiced. (I'm pretty sure I saw the checkbook doing a little dance in my bag. Or that might have been me.)

We started easing back into school: stocking our notebooks, looking through some new curriculum, and Polly did math.
Tuesday - We did Math and Grammar. I started pulling together Bible verses and poems for the girls to memorize this school year. We spent the afternoon with friends. The girls played outside (our friends have a trampoline!) and showed off their Wii skills. Our friends had an Olympics game for their Wii which led to some humorous statements. ("I was so off on that dive.")
Wednesday - Dedicated to getting the house back in shape because we had an afternoon house showing. The showing didn't go well ("She just didn't like it" = me trying not to be offended that this person I've never met obviously has such awful taste) but we had a nice clean house which is its own reward, right?

Also went to the library and loaded up on books, which felt nice after not going for two weeks. The librarians were happy to see us. (I'm not kidding about that. At least two different librarians told us, "Welcome back!")
Thursday - Did a full morning of school: Phonics, Math, Grammar, Handwriting, and Reading. Spent the afternoon in Grandpa's pool (the best Phys. Ed ever. These swimming pictures are from July 4 but things looked basically the same yesterday)

Friday - full morning of school including: Phonics (Sweet Pea & Tigger), Reading & outlining (Polly), Math for all, Grammar (Polly & Tigger), Science for all, copywork, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. We've spent our evenings enjoying the Olympics. (Probably the most TV my children have ever watched in their lives)

Next week we hope to add in History for everyone, Latin (for Polly & Tigger), Logic (Polly & Tigger) and piano lessons (Polly, but maybe Tigger if she's ready).

This is my first year with 3 children "in" school (K, 3rd, & 6th grades approximately). We also have Miss Lili (not quite 2 yr old) who thinks her mission is to get into EVERYTHING. She's dumped things out, ripped book pages and written in Polly's math textbook for starters. Obviously not house-broken yet. Guess that's my goal for her this year: Make Miss Lili fit for human company. No biggie.

How about you? Are your kids back to school yet? 
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Leah C said...

We are almost back to school. I at least am looking forward to it. :-) Sounds like a good week for you all.

Amy said...

Yay for good dentist visits and afternoons in the pool! We are three weeks in, but only one has been "normal" (if there is such a thing).

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