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Homeschool Week in Review - 8/10/12

Monday - First full day of school including Latin. Tigger had her first Latin lesson from Prima Latina She breezed through it, probably because she's been listening to her older sister "do" Latin for the past three years.

We watched cousins Fen and Bee for a little while. Which, let me just admit right here, made schoolwork nigh on impossible. Fen wanted some schoolwork to do so if we ever end up watching him again during school this Fall, I'm going to give him his own work and pencil box.

In the afternoon I took the three oldest to the library while Philip stayed home with a napping Miss Lili. We stayed as long as possible (that is: until suppertime).

Tuesday - did the basics (Reading, Science, Phonics with the early reader, Math) in the morning. Used some printable worksheets from Kids Learning Station for Sweet Pea's math.

Granddad and Fen brought us Happy Meals for lunch. Happiness for all! (Especially for Mom who did not have to figure out what to fix for lunch.)

Polly ended up having to do school in the afternoon, which she didn't love. Went on a walk (adults) / playground visit (kids) after supper.

This is the day that Miss Lili dumped a carton of eggs on the floor while the 3 big girls were helping cook supper. 

Wednesday - Miss Lili was possessed this day. That's the only way I can think to describe her behavior. She rampaged all morning, making schoolwork very difficult. We did manage to get Grammar, Handwriting, Science, History, and Tigger's math done in the morning but Polly's school spilled over into the afternoon yet again, which frustrated her.

Three out of four children cried on this day. The teacher almost cried.

Thursday - Better day on the Lili front. Got a nice early start in the morning which helped most work be finished before lunch. Polly did some of her work (outlining for Science & History) on the front porch, which kept her materials safe from destructive little sisters and also gave her a change of scenery.

Tigger had a drill sheet mix-up because she multiplied instead of added. We laughed about it because she did the wrong thing but, had it actually been a multiplication drill sheet, her answers would have all been right. We talked about the importance of noticing what the math problem is actually asking you to do but no, I did not make her do it all over again. Drill sheets = torture for Tigger.

Generally improved attitudes so the girls got a long Playmobil session in the afternoon. The teacher went thrifting in the afternoon. (P.S. My spell checker wants to change "thrifting" to "thriving". Same difference if you ask me.)

Kids also played Olympics, complete with medals (won from various years of our church's Wednesday night program). I was required to be a spectator for a few of these events. The judging is tricky, is all I can say about that (I have my suspicions that at least one of the judges was playing favorites).

We also finished up our homeschool notification materials for our school district and sent them in. I hate doing this. I hate getting a letter from the state telling me my children are "excused" from school. I'd rather we sent them a letter telling them their service isn't required. But that's a rant for another day, I guess. Anyway, it's done. 

Friday - Wrap-up day. Finished up Grammar lessons for the week. Checked and corrected a week's work of Math for Polly. She took a Math test earlier in the week and didn't miss any. We celebrated this. Most of Polly's math errors are because she rushes and can't read her own handwriting. We're working on this. We're also working on the teacher grading papers in a timely fashion. One thing I definitely do not enjoy about teaching, even homeschool teaching, is paper grading.

We didn't have any History or Science left because we had done so much earlier in the week. Reviewed Latin vocabulary. The girls all worked on their Bible memory passages and poems to memorize on their own.

Sweet Pea played some Starfall. She's doing well on her Phonics lessons but she still has trouble remembering all the short vowel sounds, especially "e" and "i". She also mixes up "b" and "d" so we spent some time this week on how to tell the difference between those two little letters.

Friday morning we sorted and put away a week's worth of clean laundry. This is notable. A family of six makes a lot of laundry. Dusted and vacuumed the living room and bedrooms (one advantage of small house living: this doesn't take very long).

Books of the week:
Polly finished this book during her "just for fun" reading time:
Mr. and Mrs. Bunny--Detectives Extraordinaire!
She tells me it is "hilarious."

Tigger enjoyed reading several non-fiction books about Gymnastics.

Sweet Pea (and I) worked on reading this one, although there were several sounds she didn't know yet:

Her sisters still read to her every night. I'm not sure which books they did this week - there's always a stack of them by their beds in the morning.

Miss Lili had countless board books read aloud. One night after I finished the third book, I put her to bed (the big girls were up watching the Olympics). Miss Lili continued to yell - very indignantly, "Read, read, read!" Three is my limit, I think, even though it is nice that Lili is talking more these days.

The girls finished the Narnia series on CD again this week. They've also been listening to this CD nearly every day:

Highly recommended! They've already memorized several of the songs (and, therefore, several of the poems).

Tonight we're looking forward to another visit to the park. Tomorrow: nothing planned. Celebrate with me, friends! Nothing on my calendar!

What did your week look like?

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Leah C said...

Oh, I can celebrate a nothing planned day. I love those. I think we all have those days where everyone cries (including this teacher :-) ). But, your week sounds productive and good anyway.

Elisabeth said...

Do you ever have those days when you feel like your family is the only family who goes through certain things? Like the crying. Well, Im glad to know we aren't the only ones! Not that I love that your kids had a bad day and lots of crying was involved or that you have one who gets the b and d mixed up or doesn't pay attention to the signs in math but I like that I can relate to all those things bc they have happened here in the past week too! Well, past two weeks since I've been absent the last week. :)

Heidi @ Home Schoolroom said...

I definitely have a good cry now and then...

I'm so glad to hear you get a lot of use from the Narnia CDs (which we just acquired), and I added the Child's Garden of Songs CD to my wish list! Thanks for the recommendation, it looks terrific.

Amy said...

Love the idea of sending the state a "no, thanks" letter. Very thankful to live in such a homeschool friendly state!

All the tears reminded me of a great list of homeschool lessons learned I read this week. A couple of hints for hard days were prayer, chocolate, and more prayer, among other things. Which reminds me... I'm out of chocolate.

Going to have to check out that Songs CD!

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