Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012-2013 Homeschool Year: Bible

Yes, the notification is in, the "excuse" letter is in hand.

My kids are excused from public school, that is.

They are most certainly not excused from education.

I have, by my procrastination, missed most of the back-to-homeschool link-ups that abound for homeschool bloggers.

That is not going to stop me from writing a series of posts about what "school" looks like for us this year, which textbooks we're using, and so on.

This year we have:
  • Polly (10, turning 11; 6th grade work)
  • Tigger (7 turning 8; 3rd grade work)
  • Sweet Pea (5 turning 6; K-1 work)
(I'm giving you those grades just as a guideline. Our state does not require children work at particular grade level. If age is just a number then grade level is just a...less important number.)

Three children in school is a challenge, no doubt about it. Throw in a rascally almost 2 year old (and trust me, "throw in" is a good way to describe this child. She throws things. Sometimes I want to to "throw in the towel.") and yes, I don't need random strangers to point this out: I have my hands full.

That's OK by me. When have "empty hands" ever been considered a positive thing? [/soapbox]

On to our first subject: Bible

Required by state? Obviously not.

Curriculum used: we do not use a particular Bible curriculum or textbook. {gasp}

My oldest two are expected to read a chapter on their own as part of their morning routine. Polly usually reads through Proverbs or the Psalms. She discusses with us what book to read next.

Tigger reads from a Bible story book. Yes, I would prefer she read from her Bible. Tigger prefers the story book. I am not ready to die on this hill with this particular child. So, Bible story book it is. These are our two favorites:

Sometimes I read a selection from this book:

This is how you know we are not Charlotte Mason homeschoolers: we do not do a formal "Hymn Study". My children sing hymns at our church. They listen to hymns at home. It's covered.

The primary biblical emphasis for my children is on memorization. They memorize verses in our church's Wednesday night program. They also memorize lengthier passages that Philip & I choose each year: some new, some review. Here's the list for Polly and Tigger this year:

James 1:2-8
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Lamentations 3:21-26
Psalm 19
Psalm 100 (We do this every year)
1 Corinthians 13 (primarily review, though 1st time Tigger is attempting the entire thing)
John 15:8-17
Ephesians 2:4-10
Luke 2:1-21 (every December we do this passage, beginning with just the first 7 verses and building from there)

Sweet Pea is working on this list of "ABC Bible Verses", Psalm 100, and the beginning of Luke 2. My children read and memorize from the King James version, although I am not a stickler and we change some of the "th's" to "s". We may eventually get our children copies of the ESV as a study help. (Just that statement alone would probably get me branded as a heretic in some homeschool circles.)

My favorite online Bibles can be found here:

So that's about it: lots of reading, lots of memory work.
Do you have a formalized Bible study in your homeschool? Not a homeschooler but have a favorite tool for family devotions? Fire away in the comments!
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MacKenzie said...

We just started bible memory with Lucy and have been selecting random verses but we might start the abc list just so I don't have to keep trying to come up with ones myself. I haven't been consistent about a version though, I didn't really think about it. Hmm, now I am.

I started using the charlotte mason verse box system for myself and love it. I'm not doing so well right now adding new verses to my box but I really love how I'm at least keeping the ones I have from leaving my head as my mommy brain collapses in on itself. Lucy really wants her own box so I've told her as soon as she has 8 (daily and days of the week - we'll start with a simplified set-up) verses, we'll go get one. She's almost there! Little ones are amazing at memorizing.

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