Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Links - July 7, 2012

1. My girls had fun with this one: Online Color Challenge. Want to know if you're color blind, even a little? This test will tell you. And yes, my two oldest daughters did get lower (and therefore better) scores than their parents.

2. I really appreciated this post: Questions from a Young Homeschool Grad. I particularly like the explanation of proactive reasons versus reactive reasons to homeschool. We homeschool for many different reasons but the proactive ones are the sustainable ones. 

3. I spend way more time than I ought to on Facebook. (And I don't even play any of the games!) Lately though, there have been some annoying developments: What's Really, Truly Going on with Facebook?

And a related (if highly disturbing) read: A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy.

4. And while we're talking about computers and the internet: How to Check if You'll Lose Internet Monday.

5. Parenting post that I needed to read: When Your Child Isn't the Best. This is one of the tricky things about parenting. One of my jobs is to help my children find things for which they have a natural talent or affinity. One of my jobs is to encourage them to keep trying and stick to things where it seems like they are not naturally talented or graceful. As always, finding that balance is the key.

6. Would you like to live in a double decker bus? (Note: this article has a couple living together before marriage, an arrangement certainly do no recommend or endorse. I posted this for the bus only.)

7. Summer is for wearing white shirts. Summer is also for eating messy food and staying outside a lot. Which means we may need this post: Care and Feeding of White Shirts.

8. I love this idea for 4th of July celebrations: Practical Civics through Partying. A handwritten replica of the Declaration of Independence is such a fabulous idea!

9. My girls and I just finished the chapter on the brain from their science book. They were fascinated with the right brain / left brain discussion. The thing is, the right brain / left brain dichotomy is slightly misleading: Why the Left-Brain, Right-Brain Myth will Probably Never Die.

10. You may have heard about this in the news: High Fashion Gummy Bear Dress. I call that a waste of perfectly good gummy bears.

Pins of the week:
I love this picture (and I have china just like that!):
I highly recommend the blog Beautiful Clutter - it's a feast for the eyes.

The house I really want (please pray about this - it's back on the market!) has an attic room. So I've been thinking about attic rooms. Like this one:

And, finally, it's not summer without iced tea. Sweet iced tea. I'd love to try this type of Peach Tea:

Did you stumble on anything interesting this week? Do share!


Elisabeth said...

I'll be praying about that house!! We put our house selling idea on the back burner for now.

MacKenzie said...

One thing that might be easier for me than my parents is convincing people (especially extended family) that we do have proactive reasons for homeschooling. Because I was homeschooled and had a wonderful experience, it really is the first option in my mind and not something we are doing because other options are bad which hopefully makes our decision less threatening to those that choose otherwise.

And I think designers should just all agree to stop with the food on clothing thing - no more candy or chocolate dresses. It's weird and wasteful.

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