Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Links - July 28, 2012

Since I spent the week with 42 7-12 year olds, plus the counselors needed to make that happen, I did not spend a lot of time on the computer. I did not save many links. I did, however, check my email a few times. Coming away from the real world and totally unplugging is hard.

Here are some links I had saved and a few that I saved yesterday after I got home:

1. I still haven't figured out this "proportional dressing" thing, but this post made sense:
A Crash Course in the Golden Ratio.

2. I saved this post for inspiration for future family reunions (just in case I'm ever in charge of making those happen). I don't think you can read the whole thing without wishing to actually be a part of Sarah's family for a few days: Family Reunion 2012.

3. You know that the Second World War was a worldwide thing. Did you know that a bear fought in it? True story: The Soldier Bear that Fought in World War II.

4. I don't have a book deal (although I would love to actually finish one of my books one day!) but I could identify with this post: First-Book Syndrome. There's just so much you want to say, you know?

5. Buying and eating locally sounds good. I am not opposed to Farmer's Markets or grocery stores sourcing locally. But it may not always be the best choice and I'm glad someone is pointing that out:
Locavore's Dilemma. (P.S. Can we please stop making food into a moral issue? I'll answer my own question: probably not. But I can dream.)

6. This just seems odd: JCPenney's to Eliminate Check Out Clerks. I think Penney's problems have a lot more to do with that bizarre pricing scheme they came up with last year and a lot less to do with check out clerks but I'll admit I don't know much about retail (other than how to find a good deal).

7. Moms / Wives this one if for us: The Witch. I Hate Her. (A devotional about not letting hormones get the best of us.)

8. Miss the Olympic Opening ceremony? UK Daily Mail has a fantastic photo post to bring you up to date. My favorite parts: The Queen, the "forging" of the Olympic rings, the moment of silence for those who died in WW1, The Chariots of Fire sequence with Mr. Bean, the parade of nations, the torch ceremony, & Paul McCartney. Did you watch?

9. I had no idea this was a problem: Losing Olympic Medals. I'd probably just wear mine 24/7, even around the house. Especially while I'm vacuuming and what not.

10. The US Olympic uniforms have not been without controversy this year. But after looking through this photo retrospective: US Olympic Uniforms Through The Years, I'd say Ralph Lauren got it right. As a writer at a political blog put it: "We are, first and foremost, a blue-blazer wearing people." I'm forced to disagree with her conclusion that the 1980's uniforms were the pinnacle for us. Let's just admit it: cowboy hats do not look good on everyone.

And with that, my links folder is empty. I'll have to do a lot of web surfing for next week's post. Or, maybe, it'll just be about the Olympics. (It won't.)

Pins to share:

So true, and I do this all the time.

Also true:

Love this bunk arrangement:

And this room is adorable:

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