Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Links - July 21, 2012

First off: Happy Anniversary to my in-laws (38 years yesterday) and to my parents (34 years tomorrow)!

This week between our two weeks of camp has been kind of crazy. We haven't had any showings for our house {super sad face} but the house we want is still on the market and went down in price. My week at teen camp convinced me I needed to give up checking on those sorts of things but we get periodic e-mails from our realtor telling us things like price changes and such.

It's really hard to let it go. But I think I am more content with our situation now. I want to be content with our situation.

In other news we received a letter from our insurance a few weeks ago, telling us that our appeal (about coverage for our miscarriage) had been approved. Then this week we got a call from the doctor's office telling us that they had received a call that it wasn't approved. Many phone calls later and it's still as clear as mud.

And our hospital bill has gone up $5,000 since the last time we talked to the hospital.

Did I mention that Philip had Scarlet Fever? He's recovering but, yeah, Scarlet Fever. I thought that went out with the horse and buggy. Apparently not.

On the up side: A family member shared some really exciting news with us. {huge happy face} So, there you go. Life is a roller coaster, amIright?

Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest. Now to the links! (Side note: no link post last Saturday means some of these are getting kind of old. My apologies for that.)

1. Anyone who enjoys Downton Abbey would enjoy looking at these pictures: Edwardian Fashion in London and Paris 1905-1908.

2. You've heard of Bridezillas I'm sure. Femina Blog warns us not to turn into "Mom-zilla".

3. I'd like to print this one out and hand it around, right after I finish applying it to our family (ahem): 10 Signs Your Child is Spoiled and What to Do About It.

4. Strange news that caught my eye: "Rightful Heir" to British Monarchy Dies in Australia. I love stories like this (the monarchy and heirs and whatnot. Not people dying. I'm not that morbid.)

5. Thought provoking for Christians: Legalist About Legalism.

6. Always helpful: Even Simpler DIY Stain Routine.

7. Too true: 11 Ways Consumers are Hopeless at Math.

8. Strange yet inspiring: Man Pays Off Mortgage with Pennies.

9. Strange and somewhat terrifying: More Eerie "Ghost Cities" Popping Up. Whole, modern, newly-built cities devoid of people? Creepy.

10. The Olympics are coming! (I love the Olympics.) Another Olympics another round of, "Have we beaten Olympic records for the last time?" My answer: no, probably not.

Pins of the Week:
Love this room (the beds are IKEA!):
Starting to wonder, if we can't sell our house and the girls continue to share their room, if we ought to do something like this:
I don't know. Philip's not sold on that design. Not to worry: I have many other bunk bed designs pinned on Pinterest. {wink}

Come share your link round-ups with Vanderbilt Wife!


Lisa said...

I missed your links last week! Also, I just watched my first episode of Downton Abbey yesterday on Netflix. Soon I'll be in the loop when you refer to characters :)

Amy said...

I always love your weekend links!
Scarlet fever!?! That's crazy! And scary.
Also scary: Those Chinese ghost towns. Weeeeeird.

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