Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Links - June 9, 2012

Yesterday: Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law (The Fantastic Father of Fen)!
Today: Happy Birthday to my Papaw!
Tomorrow: Happy Birthday to my Fabulous Nephew Fen!

We love a good birthday week around here! Now on to our regularly scheduled link-age.

1. I enjoyed this list of 10 Jaw Dropping Homes in Bizarre Places. In our current atmosphere of "Please, Lord, help us sell our house so we can buy one of the many other much LARGER homes in our price range", I've got houses, homes, and square footage on my mind constantly.

2. News to me: Isn't Really A Link Shortener Anymore.

3. I don't really need another social media / website / time suck in my life right now. But I Heart Organizing had a whole post about Olioboard which piqued my interest. I'm resisting it. For now.

4. I've never professed to be a fan of our current president or his administration. But I did find this excuse note funny.

5. Another worry put to rest: How Do We Know Time Travelers Aren't Constantly Changing the Past? Rest easy, they're not.

6. The Jubilee is over now so I'll probably be slowing down on the Queen Elizabeth links. But, then again, the Olympics are in London this year. So... Anyway, here's a fascinating post with pictures of the queen. Particularly poignant are the pictures Prince Philip took of his wife just hours after her father passed away. (Warning: side bar on that site may not be family friendly)

And don't miss the pictures of Queen Elizabeth on the balcony at Buckingham Palace for her Golden Jubilee, her Silver Jubilee, her coronation, and her grandfather's Silver Jubilee.

7. I enjoyed this post by Janie about Laid-Back Homeschooling.

8. This seems to be a growing problem among Christian / homeschooling / crunchy / food bloggers: The Dark Side of Healthy Eating: Diagnosing 'Orthorexia' Eating Disorders. The comments on that post are interesting too (both good-interesting and bad-interesting).

9. This explains only one reason why, when my beloved and I began dating, I encouraged him to shave off his goatee: Scientists Prove a Goatee Makes You Look Evil.

10. This could come in handy: How to Clean Silver (the frugal and non-toxic way!).

Pins of the week:
I love this dresser. Love it. I would marry it. (OK, no I wouldn't. But I think you get the idea.)

Genius reuse of an old file cabinet:

And, just for fun, this little bit of truth:

Did you read anything interesting this week? Pin anything gorgeous or tasty? Do share in the comments! (Or join the fun over at Vanderbilt Wife so we can all see your post!)

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Diane said...

Love the old filing cabinet idea. Brilliant!

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