Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Links - June 30, 2012

The end of June already? How can that be?! (Please, no Kindergarten level explanations of how time works, if you please!)

Public service announcement: tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. Make plans accordingly. I've had my gift for simply weeks now. And I ordered it from...well, never mind. To give even a hint would be to give too much away.

On to the links!

1. I may have mentioned a time or two or a hundred that I love the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Here's a great post on Lessons from the Little House Series

2. Thought provoker: The Trouble with Bright Girls. One thing I've noticed both being a girl myself (albeit long, long ago...) and raising girls: we / they crave compliments and attention. We need to meet that need appropriately.

3. Here's a long one but I'm sure my fellow moms (even non-homeschooling ones) will identify and appreciate the encouragement: On Juggling Work and Homeschool.

4. I'm sharing this one because I need it: 10 Tips for Introverts at Conferences (Blogging or Otherwise).

5. This post lists some of my favorite movies and a few I haven't seen yet: Eight Favorite 1940s Movies for Fashion. I could watch Cover Girl, State Fair, Casablanca or The Philadelphia Story any day of the week, which, I suppose, is why I own all but the last. (P.S. Whether for that post or not, you really must visit the Wearing History blog. It's one of my favorites.)

6. Really enjoyed this one: If You're Frugal, You Don't Need to Earn as Much as Everyone Else. I love reminders that I'm not just pinching pennies for the fun of it (although I do enjoy the challenge): there's a purpose and a method to our madness. "Financial Freedom" isn't just a slogan to sell books.

7. Frugality will get you far, but we do actually have to make some money. Maybe some of us could try these ideas (or maybe this list will help us generate our own side business): Easy and Fun Ways to Earn Extra Income this Summer.

8. The Pixar movie Brave is on many family "to see" lists this Summer. I have some reservations. Frederica Matthewes-Green shared her review of Brave over at National Review. Since I expect we'll end up watching it at some point, I'm glad I read that review in order to be prepared to discuss some of the finer points with my girls.

9. Oh so many of the houses that Philip and I have looked at have or potentially have lead based paint. So it's no surprise that this post caught my eye: Learning How to Renovate Right Around Lead Paint.

10. This one makes my WW2 aficionado heart oh so happy: Bletchley Park's Derelict Huts to Be Rebuilt.

Pins of the Week:
Insane jealousy alert! How I love this restored card catalog:

You must read Lauren's post about finding and restoring this treasure. (Someone please reassure me that a vintage card catalog is in my future.)

These vintage posters tickled my fancy:

Wouldn't those look neat in a homeschool / play room ?

So what did you stumble on this week? Come on over to Vanderbilt Wife and share those links!


VanderbiltWife said...

I always look forward to your link list! I JUST started reading Little House in the Big Woods to Libbie yesterday, so I'm definitely off the read that post! And I love Terri Lynne - I don't go to many conferences but I'm sure her tips can help us introverts in other parts of life, too.

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Love this list! Thank you for including me.

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