Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Links - June 2, 2012

1. Recommended for my homeschool mom friends: 20 Ways to Have Less Stressful School Days by Melanie Grant. (And yes, less is grammatically correct in that title. These are ways that days can be less stressful, not how to have fewer stressful days. But I digress.)

2. More cool pictures: Ghosts of Manhattan.I love this series juxtaposing vintage images with our modern day world.

3. Another one for the homeschool crowd: Homeschooling After the Storm by Jessica at Molding Minds Homeschool. I can identify. Our miscarriage (back in February) threw a bigger wrench into our homeschool life (and all other aspects of our life too, for that matter) than anything else, ever. Believe it or not, Philip and I still have days we call "just getting by" days. Perhaps I'll share more about this later.

4. Here's something interesting I stumbled on whilst reading more about Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee: this Map of Subterranean London. Have I mentioned recently that I really need to go back to London?

5. We love Latin in this house. (OK, Polly and I love Latin. Philip esteems it. Tigger aspires to learn it because Polly has.) It's no surprise I also loved this post by Dwane Thomas: Why Latin?

6. Infographic of the week: What Kind of Geek are You? I think I may be an Encylopedia Geek, how 'bout you?

7. A related question: Do You Suffer From Answer Syndrome?

8. 5 Simple Tips for Dressing Down your Fancy Dress. I'm all about making clothing more versatile.

Now for two necessary how-to posts:

9. How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind by The Gypsy Mama. Our working at home paradigm is shifting a bit right now but I'm going to keep this post in mind as I try to figure out this "make blogging work for me" thing.

10. How to Graciously Accept a Compliment by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Yes, even those awkward or insincere compliments.

Pins of the Week:
I went a little Union Jack crazy this week. Witness - a headboard:

And a t-shirt:

I also really want to try this Watermelon Cake:

Did you stumble on anything interesting this week? Do share!

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