Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend Links - June 16, 2012

1. I always thought the saying about "people who live in glass houses..." was just a saying. But, no, apparently some folks really do live in glass houses. (I'm guessing they don't have laundry piles like mine and they must own stock in Windex.)

2. As a wannabe writer, I found this post by Rachelle Gardner instructive: 7 Bad Habits of Successful Authors.

3. I would hope that none of my readers can identify with this post (sadly, living in Cincinnati, I sort-of could): How to Tell if Your City is Dying.

4. I don't have any sons (well, scratch that, more accurate statement: I don't have any sons living on Earth with me) but if I did I would try to bear this advice in mind: How to Talk to Little Boys. (Or, How to Get Boys to Read and Why That is Important.)

5. Short post, lots of conviction: Because We Want To.

6. I love posts by Karen Andreola and this is no exception: Rosy Cheeked and Resourceful (An Article on Play).

7. Tired of the same-old, same-old with your belts? Here are 12 Awesome Ways to Knot a Belt.

8. Here's a fashion post for those of us in the "short of stature" club: E is for Elongation.

9. The Museum of the Confederacy is sharing these photos in the hopes that someone will recognize an ancestor. Well? See anyone you know?

10. You might want to check out these Secret Social Skills Successful People Know.

Just for fun:
11. After 115 Years Together Tortoises Go Their Separate Ways. Hey, they gave it a good shot.  
(Please know that I am not making light of the current marriage / divorce problem among humans. This is about tortoises, not people. Maybe we should tell people, "Sure, you can divorce. You just have to be together 115 years first.")

Pins of the week:
My girls would go nuts for this:

And I think my girls would like this project too:

All I have to say about this is an enthusiastic "A-MEN!"

Call me old fashioned, but I think legibility is a goal for which we all ought to strive.

So - did you stumble on any thought provoking posts this week? Pin anything delicious or beautiful? Please consider sharing!

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