Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thirteen Years

This is my beloved and this is my friend...Song of Solomon 5:16

I was recently reading a biography and the writer quoted this statement by Mary Todd Lincoln from a letter she wrote after her husband's death:

He was...from my eighteenth year – Always – lover - husband - father & all all to me 
– Truly my all.
Mary Todd Lincoln about her husband Abraham.

That sounds just about right to me.

Happy 13th Anniversary, Philip! (Truly my all.)

(I've shared one of our favorite wedding pictures above. All our grandparents were able to be with us on our wedding day, a blessing we took for granted at the time. We've since learned how rare and special a blessing it was.)

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Philip said...

Happy Anniversary to you, too! It's been an amazing journey--love you so much!

MacKenzie said...

Ah, congratulations. Hope you have a great day :-)

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids :)

Kris said...

Happy Anniversary!! It will be 13 for us next month!!

Amy said...

Happy anniversary, and many, many more!! :)

Elisabeth said...

Happy anniversary! I promise I didn't get my 10 Years blog post idea from you!

ginellebaskin said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

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